Fiera Cosmetics Reviews 

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“After struggling with foundations that settled into the creases and looked caked after a few hours, especially under the eyes, I decided to try Fiera. Fiera conceals dark spots, dark eye circles and lines and actually seems to nourish my skin throughout the day. I hike and sweat and my face looks great! I love how silky Fiera feels and how easy it is to apply with the brush. Fiera delivers that younger glow and firmness we’re all looking for!”

-Jayne S. 

71-year-old Jayne Saporito discovered Fièra just as she was losing hope that the beauty industry had completely forgotten her… now she looks as vibrant as she feels. 

“I’m Italian and I have really dark circles under my eyes. If I don’t wear makeup under my eyes it looks like I have black eyes, they’re so dark. I was thinking about what kind of surgical intervention I could do to get rid of them and didn’t find an answer. I tried so many concealers from the big brands. I would put the concealer under my eyes and it was like it was caked on. As soon as you smile, all the crinkles fill up with the product and it just looks bad that is why it is important to check out clearstem discount code.

I was getting discouraged. I’ve tried every product for my face to conceal or try and get rid of dark circles, brown spots and just the normal signs of aging, around my neck, cheeks, and especially around the eye. 

I’m 71 and the normal things that I used on my face were just not working. There’s nothing marketed to women who are over 70, even over 50. It was a scary thing to think, being 70 and having no products that worked for me. Some products I’ve used it’s like it’s caked on, and as soon as you smile, all the crinkles fill up with the product and it just looks bad.

When I saw Fièra’s ad the first thing I noticed was women who weren’t in their 20s or 30s. They were just regular people who looked like they took good care of themselves. To see women in my age group who care about looking their best, that really spoke to me. It got my attention a lot because I thought, “here’s somebody who cares about what we look like when we’re older, and a different way we can make our skin look beautiful, and stop the oxidation or free radicals or whatever it is that accelerates your age. 

Because this was a product that was made for women like me, I had to try it, and thankfully I did. 

I put it on and the dark circles were covered immediately. And it didn’t settle into the crinkles. It goes right on and you can’t see those lines, it just seems to make them disappear. 

It has ingredients to improve your skin, so you’re not just covering problem areas but correcting them. I started using this a month ago, and I look great. I don’t have anymore crinkly crepey skin around my eyes or around my mouth, I have a jawline. It’s just amazing. 

I’m enjoying using it and I’m enjoying getting compliments. That happens now, even at this age. I went to the dentist and she said, “Can I ask you what your skincare routine is?”. I said, “First of all, you have to use makeup, and the right kind of makeup,” – and this is so smooth you can’t even see it. The makeup doesn’t look like makeup. 

When I put on the Fièra Cosmetics concealer, it’s amazing. It’s just so smooth. It doesn’t go into the fine lines. My skin looks really great. It makes it glow like when I was young. 

I started trying other Fièra products and I love them all. I use the Citrus Stem C Serum on my face and on my neck, it’s a miracle. Your skin just feels lifted. I follow it up with the Luxury Neck Cream. It feels like satin, you just use a pearl size amount on your chest area where you have that sun damage and it works so well.

Fièra is worth a try, especially if you are the invisible woman over 70. I’m talking to you ladies, because there was nothing out there for us, but now we can look as fantastic as we feel.