5 Characteristics of Spanish Style Homes that Make Them So Popular

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If you live in southern California or Palm Springs, you will find many Spanish-designed homes. They are popular properties because this architectural style uses solid materials and a form that is practical and attractive. 

Therefore, you will find that several traits support a Spanish-styled dwelling – characteristics that make the houses wonderful residential properties. Not only are the materials made to withstand the elements, such as the desert heat, they also have intricate and striking accents that add to their curb appeal. 

So, what characteristics seem to attract buyers? What features of Spanish-style homes offer the most interest to a real estate purchaser? The following information will give you the reasons why the Spanish design is a favorite choice among investors and home buyers.

  1. Stucco Facades and Gorgeous Landscaping

The exterior walls on Spanish style homes match well with California’s lush and green landscape. The planting of Spanish oaks, crepe myrtles, and palm trees contrast nicely against the cream-colored background of a stucco exterior. Because of its stylish yet played-down exterior, a Spanish home design can highlight a high-end landscape. 

In fact, did you know that a well-landscaped yard can increase your homes’ value by 10%? Therefore, Spanish style homes with nicely landscaped yards, which, for instance, sell for $350,000, can jump up to $385,000 in value when the property’s yard is well-maintained.

  1. Wrought Iron Gates and Fences.

Many Spanish style homes feature wrought-iron gates and fencing, another feature that also enhances the looks of the property. Not only are the gates protective, but they also complement the looks of the homes and plants. Find homes for sale in Palm Beach that highlight these features now. Some also feature neatly trimmed hedges around the homesite.

  1. Box Like Shapes, Flat Roofs, and Small or Arched Picture Windows

Some of the smaller homes of a Spanish style feature a box shape and small windows, including a flat roof. Other homes that are larger feature large arched picture windows that make a dramatic impression on the inside as well as the outside of the house. The size of the windows and the style of the roof are scaled to the size of the house. Typically bungalow homes feature flat roofs and small windows in their designs.

  1. Red Tiled Roofs

One of the prominent designs of a Spanish-designed home is its red-tiled roof. The roof is a great selling feature, as it truly lasts a long time. In fact, roofs of this type can outlast the property owner. Some survive as long as 50 years or more. They not only look great with white stucco, but they also wear well and add just the right accent to this architectural style.

  1. Long-Spanning Inside Porches

Some of the Spanish architectural styles feature long Spanish porches that may run along one side of a house. This feature is traditional in nature, as porches were used to enjoy siestas or naps in the afternoon. Arched entries often support this feature.

A Unique and Popular Design

Spanish style architecture is a unique and popular design in southern California and Palm Springs. If you are seeking an elegant look that works well with the local terrain, you will love reviewing the listings for this type of real estate.