What Kind of Home Best Suits Your Personality?

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What Kind of Home Best Suits Your Personality?

House hunting can be both exciting and difficult because most buyers look for homes that reflect their tastes and personalities. Decorating and color go a long way towards giving homes a unique personality, and even a home’s size sends a message. Many people associate large houses with success and affluence and tiny homes with more modest means.

However, a house’s architecture says the most about its owners, so house hunters look for designs that match their goals – you need the best realtor make sure to visit website. Architectural styles vary from rustic and cozy to elegant and ornate. The key for buyers is to identify the type that best matches their lifestyles and interests.Be sure to use tools like A florida closing cost calculator as well to get the most out of your renovations.

1) Craftsman Style Homes Are “Family Centric”

House hunters with families or those who just enjoy the warm feeling of a traditional family home often choose craftsman houses. The style has been popular for more than 100 years and is still going strong. Whether buyers opt to build a craftsman in a community like Metro Places or construct their version on a personal lot, finished homes include features that radiate a feeling of comfort. Some common elements include horizontal lines, gable roofs, and exposed beams.

2) Imaginative Owners Enjoy Modern Styles

Analytical, organized people with active imaginations often like the cool, no-nonsense beauty of modern architecture. Per experts at 360 Modern Real Estate, a modern home has a pitched gable or shed roof and features a creative use of modern materials. Landscaping is part of the design and some plans carry the landscaping inside.

Most designs include open, airy floor plans, large glass walls or glass panels, and asymmetry. The goal is to leave out anything that is non-essential and ensure that every included element is highly functional.

3) Colonial Homes Draw True Romantics

Those who enjoy classy, romantic settings often gravitate to colonial houses. Owners often enjoy history, and colonial structures incorporate traditional features reminiscent of classic building methods. Those who value loyalty and stability also enjoy the style, which anchors them to tradition.

Per experts at SFGate, colonial-style houses were first built in the U.S. in the 1600s and inspired by European architecture. Homes are generally square and include entry doors in the center front. Most also have windows on either side of the entry door and five windows on the second floor.

4) Victorian Owners Adore Elegance

Victorian-style homes draw sentimental buyers who enjoy living an elegant lifestyle. Even if they are frugal, most enjoy splurging on things they love. They may travel extensively and love learning about other cultures.

The Victorian home was first introduced in Queen Victoria’s reign (1837-1901), and many of the features associated with the design were borrowed from Roman and medieval gothic architecture. There are several types of Victorian homes that evolved during different time periods, but all have steep gabled roofs and turrets, dormers, and towers. Many include stained glass and typically boast decorative woodwork.

5) A Tudor Home Provides a Touch of Fun

Tudor homes often have wide appeal for house hunters who enjoy a sense of whimsy and positive spirits. Many of them like homes that almost have a fairy-tale feeling. Houses in the Tudor style often feature charming elements like playful masonry chimneys, embellished doorways, and pitched gabled roofs. They include window groupings and decorative half-timbering. Half timbering is a unique effect created by adding a wood beam framework with stucco or masonry applied in the spaces between timbers.

6) Nature Lovers Often Choose Cape Cod Homes

Strong homeowners who want structured homes where they can relax may opt for Cape Cod styles. The design originated in the 1800s, and many American Cape Cod homes were originally brought over from England. Owners remodeled houses to suit New England’s colder winters.

Homes are usually dormered and one-and-a-half stories. They have side dormers and a sloped roof. Owners are often warm-hearted nature lovers who build houses that allow them to enjoy the gorgeous scenery surrounding them.

7) Log Homes Appeal to Outdoorsmen

People who are comfortable being alone in nature may build log homes that are often small cabins. However, modern log homes can be constructed to suit any need, and many are quite luxurious. Regardless of their size or amenities, they are perfect for anyone who enjoys relaxing in front of a fire and watching the snow fall outside.

Many owners build their homes on personal lots in areas that allow them to pursue favorite outdoor hobbies with friends. They often enjoy hiking, riding bikes, or just enjoying nature.

8) Owners Who Want Warmth Love Cottages

During the 1920s and 1930s, American architects introduced cozy cottage homes built to resemble houses found in the English countryside. With their storybook looks, the homes are perfect for anyone who enjoys a sense of history combined with timeless beauty. Many owners highlight houses with charming landscaping that brings out their quaint features.

Houses have steeply pitched roofs, arched doors, cross gables, and a series of casement windows with small panes. They also owe their beauty to brick, stucco, or stone exteriors.

9) Tiny Bungalows Appeal to Practical Buyers

Bungalows are small, single-story houses that many people find adorable. The inspiration for the style came from India and first became popular in the U.S. during World War I. The little houses became a hit among those who wanted cute, easy-to-maintain homes. Many owners ordered the first bungalows through mail-order catalogs.

Owners often stylize their small homes, so they range from craftsman to California bungalows. People who opt for the houses are often budget-conscious, free-spirited, and not interested in being tied down by huge expenses or vast properties.

10) Art Deco Houses Inspire Creative Buyers

Creative house hunters who like to buck tradition often find art deco houses appealing. The architectural style was popular between 1920 and 1939 and was meant to offer a refreshing option to the more-elaborate styles in vogue at the time. The non-traditional look of art deco homes appeals to those who are open-minded and like entertaining.

Houses often include metal accents and polished, gleaming interiors with highly stylized features such as sleek geometric forms.

House buyers are happiest with new properties when homes match owners’ personalities. Fortunately, there are dozens of house styles offering features to suit any taste. Home styles range from tiny, inexpensive bungalows to towering, elegant Victorians. Contractors can further customize features during construction.