How Not Waste Money on Things You Don’t Need While Studying at College

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How Not Waste Money on Things You Don’t Need While Studying at College

Going to college is becoming more of a luxury these days. Many of us rely on student loans and scholarships to get higher education.

When loans and scholarships only cover certain expenses, we need to make sure we are as financially savvy as possible. The freedom of college life can lend itself to wasteful expenses. Here are five easy ideas on how to not waste money at college.


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Get a roommate (or two)

Your new freedom and independence from home life may tempt you to look at a more upmarket swanky apartment to have all to yourself. This will cost you more money and leave you with no possibility of making a start at knocking off some of your student loan debt. These days schools offer a wider range of accommodation options.

Making wiser choices can save you a lot of money. Getting an apartment close to campus and sharing the rent, grocery and utility costs with a roommate or two is a great way to ease the burden of accommodation costs.

You will also make new friends and share the burden of study stress. And then there are various offers that you can use to save students. Edubirdie service for scholars offers great prices to students and it gets even better when you order writing work in bulk. So, introduce your friends to these fantastic services in academic writing, shopping coupons, travel, etc and save good money.

Don’t buy a car

Don’t be tempted to be the cool kid with a fancy ride. Unless you live in a city with no public transport, there is no need for a car. The added expense of parking costs, fuel and insurance is something that can wait until you have graduated and are earning a full-time income.

A bicycle is much more economical to keep, store and maintain. Walking to campus every day will add steps to your daily count. If you are really into your fitness, you might be keen to jog to campus every now and then.

These are all more cost-effective options that will keep you fit and healthy. Keeping fit while studying has so many positive effects on your grades, sleep and health in general.


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Don’t follow the trends

A flashy, trendy wardrobe is the last thing you need when studying. Don’t be tempted to follow the crowd and splash out on a new wardrobe full of high-end labels just so you can fit in with certain crowds.

You will have plenty of time to worry about the style and cost of your wardrobe when you enter the working world. This doesn’t mean you have to spend your college years in old sweatpants and T-shirts. Stick to shopping at more affordable clothing outlets for items that are practical and serve a purpose.

Look at buying items that are interchangeable and can be worn in more than one way. Jeans don’t need a label to look good, serve their purpose and be comfortable. Less is more.

Cook at home

You may be tempted to save time on cooking by living on take-outs and campus cafeteria meals, but these costs all add up really fast. When it comes to cooking at home, a little money can go a very long way.

Work a system with your roommates where you all pitch in for groceries and share the cooking duties. Setting aside one afternoon or evening of the week to cook bulk meals will keep you all fed and stocked up. Meals like lasagna, pastas, stews and soups freeze easily.

Get into the habit of packing yourself a lunch to take to campus so you are not tempted to spend extra cash on a meal during the day. Brew your coffee at home and take it with you in a flask. A water bottle that you can refill from the water fountain will save you money on mineral water from the campus stores.

Party at home

A large part of college life is the party time, but going out to party every weekend will leave a huge dent in your budget. Hosting parties at home can save you and your friends a load of cash.

Make the entrance fee to your party a six pack of beer, a salad, or a plate of snacks and you’re all winning. Buying your booze and food from a retail store is far more economical than going to a restaurant or bar.

This also helps you stick to your budget as you won’t be able to just buy another round when the drinks you have are all finished. You also won’t need to tip the server or bartender. This is also the safest way to party since no one will be drinking and driving.


These are probably things you never thought of as money-wasters. All the little things add up and suddenly, our monthly budget is just not making ends meet. Being savvy with your money from your college days will help you lay the foundation for managing your personal finances. Once you are in the habit, it will be easier to maintain once you start working and have bigger expenses to budget for.

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