FREE DiGiorno Pizza During the Super Bowl Sweepstakes

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FREE DiGiorno Pizza During the Super Bowl Sweepstakes! Ends February 13, 2022

If the Big Game reaches a pi-worthy score of 3-14 (or 14-3), then 1,500 winners will be selected at random to each receive one (1) free DIGIORNO® pizza. That’s not all! If any of these pi-centric moments take place during the game, then one lucky fan per prop will be randomly chosen to win 267 DIGIORNO® pizzas. Sweepstakes drawings will take place if, and only if: Any player finishes the game with exactly 314 passing yards – There are more than 3.14 total turnovers (4 or more) in the game – Any scoring drive takes exactly 3 minutes and 14 seconds.