Parental Checklist: What You Need To Know Before The Baby Arrives

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Expecting a baby is one of the most blissful things ever, but of course, that doesn’t mean it isn’t nerve-wracking. You will find that the anxiety levels rise with each day written off of the calendar until your due date. Keeping tabs on stress levels and managing your time can determine your and your partner’s wellbeing. Think baby food and baby formula, gather all necessary supplies so that you can spend more time bonding with your precious newborn. 

We hear parents talking all the time about how unprepared they were when their baby arrived and how life got so hectic all of a sudden. That’s where we come in to help you out. Grab a pen and go through this checklist with us to see how prepared you are for the big day.

A planned future is a safe future 

Thinking ahead helps you fight time constraints and make your life a bit more relaxed. It’s never too early to start thinking about daycare options. Having sufficiently preplanned about a modern daycare brings stability to your work-life balance. Most sophisticated daycare centers use a cutting-edge daycare management app that can improve your child’s social and educational progress immensely. 


Progress tracking has never been this seamless with report cards arriving on your phone. The communication with the childcare providers is easy and contactless, resulting in virtually no administrative problems. 

Prepare the nursery and babyproof your house

Pick out the crib, choose the theme for the nursery but don’t go overboard and avoid clutter. Minimalism is key here, have all of the necessary baby gear like audio monitors installed and ready to use. Keep a nice little stash of baby essentials including burp cloths, diapers for newborn babies, wipes and toys.


Know that your home will become the baby’s playground. Ensuring the baby’s safety is the number one priority. Roll out the thick carpets around the house to prevent the baby from getting hurt if a fall occurs, cover the electric outlets and equip your cabinets and drawers with locks for babies. 

Stock up 

During the pandemic, we saw how stocking up can make or break our peace of mind. With a baby on the way, risks are not an option. Listen to your nesting urges and take action. Toilet paper is an absolute buy in bulk necessity as well as baby wipes. Audio monitors consume a lot of battery life, so don’t forget to stock up on batteries as well.


Think baby food and baby formula, gather all necessary supplies so that you can spend more time bonding with your precious newborn.

Assign roles for the big day

The arrival of the baby can be unexpected and when the baby is knocking on the door, there should be no room for panic. Have a long discussion with family members and friends about their different roles. Don’t forget about your pets, think about leaving a spare key to your trusty neighbor so that they can lend a hand while you are out of the household.  


Having said that, it’s crucial to speak with your partner and divide the household chores in a manner that’s fair for both of you. Organizing the house chores and who’s on diaper duty when the baby arrives home, takes your bond with your partner to a different level.

Don’t forget yourself and your partner 

Postnatal depression is something that is frequently present among mothers and can have a negative effect on your relationship with your partner. Taking the right steps in the right direction can make all the difference in the world. 


Parenting can be exhausting and that’s why it’s important to double down on healthy food. Avoid processed food and reach for the fruits and veggies in the aisles. Pick food that will provide you with the energy to be an amazing parent throughout the whole day.


Shared parental activities are not shared activities. While your child is in daycare, take a moment to bond with your partner. Nice long walks like the ones you took at the start of the relationship can revitalize your connection with your partner.

Bottom line – Take it all in and enjoy the ride

Children grow in the blink of an eye. Focus on the things that will stay with you for the rest of your life, like the first steps your baby makes. Enjoy the parental blissfulness and build a strong relationship with your baby.


Don’t be afraid of asking other, more experienced parents for advice, they have gone through the same anxieties that you are going through right now and could offer valuable advice. 


Having said all that, we hope that we helped you prepare for the baby’s arrival and we leave you to bask in the happiness that parenting will bring to your life.