Some amazing blooms for February born

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For centuries, people have sent flowers on special days as a gift. Very few know that every month has its own specific birth flower, and the birth month flowers symbolizes something. As February is around the corner, everyone is preparing for their valentine with a red bouquet. But surprisingly, the red bouquet is not a February-born flower. If you are thinking of giving a flower bouquet to a February-born person. Surprise them with their birth month flower. These flowers have their own meaning, symbols, and history.


In this article, we will see what the February Birth month Flowers are and everything about them. Official Birth Flowers for February are the Violet, Primrose, and Iris.


The Violet


The violet flower is a spring flower. The leaves are heart-shaped and come in varieties of colors. Most of them are violets; other than this, there are blue, yellow, white, and cream violet flowers too. In some countries, violets come in a mixture of two colors, blue and yellow.


Violet Meanings and Symbolism:

The violet flower stands for honesty, faithfulness, eternal love, purity, and memories. In ancient times, people used to give bouquets of violets as a token of being faithful. Gifting someone a bouquet of Violet on their birthday means they can always count on you.

Each color’s violet flowers have their own specific meaning

●        Yellow means highly worthy.

●        White stands for innocence and pure hearth.

●        Purple signifies truth and modesty.

●        Blue signifies calm and peace


History of the Violets:

Violet came from the Latin word Viola, which means Violet flower. In ancient times, Violet was said to be a flower of fruitfulness and love. In many countries, Violet flowers were used in herbal medicines, also to make wine: even during funeral decorations, violets had been used.


The Primrose


Another February birth month flower is Primrose. It is from the genus Primula, originally from Europe. Primrose is one of the first blooming flowers in the spring, after Violet.


Primrose Meanings and Symbolism:

In many cultures, it was believed that The Primrose was a way to heaven. If you eat a primrose, you will see an angel.

It was also said to provide protection and love.

In ancient times, people used to say that the primrose flower symbolizes a woman, and each petal represents a woman’s various stages of life. Gifting someone Primrose means “life without you is meaningless.”


History of the Primrose:

Primrose is an edible flower to humans only. In the middle age, people used to use Primrose leaves and flowers to make herbal medicines. Primrose was also used to make alcohol.

Every year on the 19th of April, England citizens celebrate ‘Primrose Day’ in honor of the country’s former Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli. Every year the visitors lay a primrose flower on his statue.


Iris – February Birth Flower


The classy Iris flower is another birth month flower for February. Whether you want to impress your crush on her birthday or wish to profess a confession, an Iris flower bouquet is perfect for that. For centuries, the Iris flower has been said to be the messenger of love.

Just like the violet flower, it also comes in numerous colors

●        Blue Iris,

●        Purple Iris,

●        Yellow Iris,

●        White Iris,

●        Orange Iris,

●        Red Iris,

●        Pink Iris,

●        Brown Iris,

●        And black Iris.


The Iris Meanings and Symbolism:

Although generally, Iris symbolizes hope, belief, strong connection, and intelligence, different colors of the Iris flower show different meanings.

Purple Iris stands for intelligence and accomplishments. The Blue one signifies aspiration and truth. Yellow-colored Iris symbolizes devotion.  Which is the color of peace; just like the meaning of the color, the white iris flower stand for pure love and morality


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