How to make bridal bouquets with artificial flowers

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Weddings are a blissful affair in everyone’s life. But with time, everything changed. It’s no longer about hiring someone to do the work for you and getting together other prerequisites. Now is the time when couples love to bring their creative side into the wedding preparations. 

It’s a time when DIYs are so common and widespread that you are putting your money away if you haven’t done it yourself. C’mon, let’s save some money when finalizing flowers at a wedding and use it to make your after-wedding dreams come true.

One such popular DIY is creating a bridal wedding bouquet. But you will need some guidance about the nitty-gritty details of arranging your bouquet like a pro. So, here we have come up with the steps to create something as beautiful as you – but before you keep reading make sure to check out artificial flowers wholesale.

So, let’s begin!

Pro tip: What is the ideal size of a DIY wedding bouquet?

Ideally, you must follow the “less is more” formula. This is because you will never want your bouquet to overpower you or your outfit in the wedding day pictures. This is why choosing the right flowers for a wedding bouquet is also a must. For example, if you want a mixed flower bouquet, include focal flowers, a linear element, smaller flowers, and some greenery to complete the look. Also, you can choose the same steps if you wish to make bridesmaids bouquets with artificial flowers for your wedding day. 

Now let’s go back to the steps. 

Choose the right type of flowers 

This is the primary prerequisite of creating something unique or meaningful for yourself. Ideally, you can opt for fresh flowers, fried flowers, or sola wood flowers and look for some bridal wedding bouquets ideas. While fresh flowers might be your favorite, working with them is quite challenging or trickier. Plus, they are quite costly. It’s because they might cost you anything from $65 to $725. 

But if you opt for dried flowers, you can get access to great colors and textures that aren’t possible with natural flowers. Plus, you don’t have to worry about them wilting. You can, in fact, create a DIY wedding bouquet using any type of flowers for the wedding and make it aligned with your wedding theme and dress. And that too way before your wedding date. 

Prepare the stems

Once you choose your flowers, you need to prepare the flower stems. You will need wire cutters for that to trim extra leaves. Try to leave only one or two close to the flower. You can also extend the length of your flower using wire and tape stems. Try to keep the length according to how you hold a bouquet. That way it will be more comfortable for you. 

 Start building your bouquet 

Once you prepare the stems, it’s time to put them all together so that you can start building your bouquet. Start with a primary flower at the center. Start adding more blooms alongside by using string. You can keep any picture in front of you to have an idea of how far along you are. You can also use floral tape to wrap around the base. Once you do that, make sure you clip off extra stems so that it doesn’t interfere with your beautification of the bridal flowers bouquet. 

Beautify the bouquet with accessories

How can you make your wedding bouquet special? Well, it’s easy. All you have to do is “give it your special touch.” After all, you have to match it and make it equally beautiful as your wedding dress. You can use ribbon, lace, or your dress fabric to align the wedding bouquet with the theme and color of your dress. 

Make sure you keep the petals fresh and aisle ready. You are almost there. Now it’s time to give the final touch to the bouquet.

Give the final touch

Now is the time for you to fine tune your bouquet. You can also secure a brooch or pin with a hot glue gun, and you are all set with your flower bridal bouquet. So, next time you are selecting the flowers at a wedding, you must give this guide a try and create something impressive for your wedding. 

Pro-tip: By sticking to a specific color scheme and using the right flowers will help you create an amazing piece of bridal wedding bouquet. Ideally, you must opt for sola wood flowers with a mix of faux and real flowers and leaves so that it looks impressive.


Artificial flowers are no longer less than fresh blooms anymore. It used to be the second and third choice. But not anymore! Artificial flowers are as beautiful as any other flowers. So, it’s time you must choose DIY instead of spending a fortune on wedding flower bouquets. 

It’s time that you add some creativity to your wedding festivities and make them even more special. You can also use DIY methods to make bridesmaids’ bouquets, boutonnieres, or other wedding flowers related accessories. Not only this will give some personal touch. It will also help you save money on wedding flowers. 

Ready to take the plunge? Hope this guide helps you make a beautiful and impeccable wedding bouquet for your wedding.