Can I Build My Own Kitchen Table?

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Why buy a new kitchen table when you can make one? Yes, you heard us right. Save yourself a ton of cash by making a kitchen table yourself. Depending on your needs and budget, there are all kinds of plans to try out, including making a farmhouse table that suits your home theme perfectly. 

DIY Kitchen Table Plans

Wondering how to get started? The following plans should offer some insight on how you may approach this particular DIY venture. 

DIY Kitchen Table Set

Building a kitchen table is good, but it could be even better to construct chairs to go with it. You may need intermediate DIY skills to pull this off. Experts estimate everything should take you one entire weekend to get the job done. While you may need to develop a budget of $500 for it, what’s that compared to how much a store-bought alternative would cost you?

High-Quality Kitchen Table With Limited Tools

Compared to the first plan, this one is cheaper because of the less complex processes involved. That’s to be expected, given that you’ll only be using limited essential tools for the job. Amateur woodworkers will be happy to have an option that doesn’t require advanced gear or equipment. For $350, you can build a gorgeous table everyone’s going to want to sit around and talk about. 

DIY Round Kitchen Table

You can use tons of blogs as references for building gorgeous furniture and doing home renovations from scratch. Some provide simple plans that call on you to use simple, inexpensive tools and materials. 

This is one such project. In this entry, you are given a no-fuss plan for an eye-catching round kitchen table made using a few essential tools and inexpensive materials. Choose a reliable source that presents their instructions, preferably with photos, if you need a clear vision of what exactly has to happen. 

DIY Kitchen Table

A site that typically comes to mind for DIY projects is Instructables. Here, you’ll find a DIY project that was only recently added to their collection, but one you’ll be happy with regardless. Their tutorial guides you through easy-to-follow steps for building a classic kitchen table that is nothing short of attention-grabbing. 

You combine a set of metal legs with a wooden surface for this task. That gives you a table perfectly suited to the rustic or contemporary setting. How cheap or expensive this project ends up being is your choice, so pick out your materials wisely. 

DIY Rustic Industrial Kitchen Table

Some of the best DIY projects don’t require you to break the bank on expensive materials; they call on you to make do with scrap items instead. Satisfaction can be derived from recycling these materials and creating something new. That’s what this specific project aims to accomplish. 

Following this plan, take some discarded decking and build a beautiful kitchen table. It’s arguably one of the top plans on this list because of how spectacular the finished product tends to turn out.

DIY Modern Kitchen Table

The DIY kitchen table with a modern touch is an excellent plan because of the many fantastic and creative techniques it applies. And while some of the strategies used are a little too advanced for beginners, you can’t help but admire the work, skill, and dedication put into the project. Of course, as a beginner DIY enthusiast, you may want to steer clear of this. It requires excellent welding and woodworking to pull off.

DIY Kitchen Table for Under $50

A DIY kitchen table for under $50? You may think it sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. Depending on the table’s style, you won’t necessarily have to spend a ton of cash on its construction. This plan for a kitchen table on a minimal budget is perfect for amateur DIYers. And if you do it well, it could very well look like an expensive piece perfectly suited to your minimalist kitchen. 

Custom Farmhouse Table 

We love a gorgeous farmhouse-style kitchen table that’s perfect for family gatherings. There should be blogs and videos all over the internet detailing the different ways to go about such a project. Pick a source or three that aligns best with your DIY skills and budget. Even if you opt for one of the more complex plans, you should understand it with relative ease when equipped with the necessary skills and experience. 

Yes, You Can Do It—And in Many Different Ways, Too!

These are but a few of the many ways you can DIY your kitchen table. Some plans may deliver better than others in terms of aesthetics and functionality, but you can count on all credible sources to result in an actual kitchen table at the end of the day.