How to clean a bathroom sink – make your basin sparkle again

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A clean bathroom sink can make your entire bathroom looks fresh. We use the bathroom sink all day long. From brushing in the morning and brushing in the night, it endures a lot of loads. That is why they require regular cleaning. Otherwise, they will become dirty in no time. 

There are lots of easy ways to clean your bathroom sink. I will show you some of the easiest ways to clean your bathroom and make it sparkling clean again. Follow them, and your routine cleanup will become much more manageable. 

Wipe Your Sink Regularly 

The best practice is to wipe your sink regularly, if not after every use. Take a clean cotton cloth or a non-abrasive sponge and wipe your sink. Do it when your sink is dry. Do not forget to wipe around the drain. 

Rinse Your Sink 

Before using any cleaning product, you should rinse your bathroom sink. Use hot water for better results. It will soften the dirt and other buildups. Turn the faucet on to run hot water all over your sink. Take a dry clean cloth and damp it in hot water to clean the edges of your sink. 

Spray Bathroom Cleaner 

Take a bathroom cleaner and spray it on your sink. Ensure you spray everywhere on the sink, including the faucet and the drain. Please use a disinfectant cleaner. It will kill germs from the sink. 

Wipe It Now

After spraying on the sink with a disinfectant cleaner, it is time to wipe it again. Wipe the entire sink area with a clean cloth. Put more pressure where dirt is accumulated. Better if you use more than one cloth. Wash the basin with hot water again. 

Use Baking Soda 

Baking soda is an excellent cleanser. You can use it to clean stubborn dirt and buildups from your sink. Sprinkle baking soda all over your sink. Try to sprinkle on as much surface as you can. Remember, you will have to dry the sink before applying baking soda. 

Scrub Your Sink 

Now it’s time you scrub the baking soda off your sink. Take a dry clean cloth scrub it on your sink. Put high pressure on the dirt to wipe it. You can use cotton cloth or microfiber. But microfiber does not have any abrasive power to remove hard stains. 

Rinse It Again 

Now it is another turn to rinse your bathroom sink. Use hot water again for fast and better results. You have to rinse all over your sink well and make sure dirt does not reinstate there. Clean the drain; otherwise, water might clog. 

Rinse Your Sink after Every Use 

The easiest way to keep your bathroom sink clean is by rinsing it after each use. This way, dirt cannot accumulate on your sink. Rinse water all over your sink whenever you brush or face your wash.

Do not Wash Shavings Hair down the sink 

Washing down your shaving hair through the sink can clog the drain. If you do so, you will have to remove the hair with your hand.