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Want to make your kids birthday party more interesting? Are you trying to avoid the normal party and thinking of setting a theme? Then you have stumbled upon the right place. A kid’s party should be full of fun and enjoyment. Thus, it would be best not to make your kid’s party look like the other parties around the town.

Here is a list of 10 amazing cool kids party themes especially for your child:

1. Candy theme

Doesn’t it look interesting already? A candy theme is very much perfect for your sunshine as it is colorful as well as interesting. You can get your kid dressed up in a candy dress. You can tell everyone to wear something vibrant and colorful. Tell your child’s friends to come to the party dolled up. Decorate your house with candies all around. Keep small jars filled with colorful candies. And yes! The cake should also follow the candy theme.

2. Adventure party

Make the party interesting by setting it to an adventure-themed party. The boys and the girls can come to the party wearing something informal. You can make the party adventurous by setting up a treasure hunt game for the kids. Write down riddles, clues, and hints all over the house. The kids can form teams and solve the riddles. You can buy rubber snakes and hide around the house or maybe beside the plants. You can add more magic to the party by hiring the entertainers at home.

3. Marvel or DC theme

If your kid is a fan of Marvel or DC, this party theme is perfect for him/her. You can also set the theme to his favorite Marvel or DC superhero. For example, if it is spiderman, dress him up like the spiderman and set up fake webs all around the house. Tell people to dress up in black and red only. Set up spiderman posters around the house, and the cake’s design should be of spiderman. If it is Batman, you can dress him like Batman, make paper bats, and hang them around the house. The same goes for the rest.

4. Barbie doll theme

If you want to set up a colorful theme, this is the perfect theme. Dress your kid like a doll as well. You can tell all the friends of your kid to come to the party dolled up. You can put small barbie doll posters around the house to bring more spark to the theme. You can set the cake’s design according to the theme as well.

5. Pirate theme

Pirate themes can be adventurous if you set them up properly. Give out eye patches and a hat to all the kids at the party. Make the black flag and hoist it. The pirate flag can be set inside a box of red wrapped candies. Organize a small treasure hunt game, and set a treasure hunt box gift filled with coin candies for the one who wins the games.

6. Chocolate themed

This would hype everyone around the town. Tell your guests to dress in brown. Hang brown balloons around the house and order the Hershey kiss guy. Set up a table with chocolate cupcakes, marshmallows, jelly beans, chocolate chips, and sprinkles. Make a small bar for the kids.

7. Pajama party

Arrange a night stay for the kids. Dress them up in pajamas and arrange some snacks for the kids to munch in the night. Arrange some exciting movies for the kids to watch. Set up karaoke and set up birthday banners in your kid’s room. Apart from that, you can indulge in entertainment for a child’s party and include some fun things to spice up the entire mood! Something different always becomes the cherry on the cake, and you can indulge in doing so!

8. Animal party theme

Paint all the kid’s faces and turn them into their favorite animals. Then, decorate the house with colorful balloons and set the cake’s design according to your kid’s favorite animal. This theme can be easy and affordable.

9. Disco theme

A disco theme is where you need to set up big boxes, lights, and colors. Tell everyone to dress up according to a disco party. Make sure to have ample space for all the dancing and singing.

10. Rainbow theme

This theme is colorful and interesting. You can hang around colorful balloons and set the cake’s design accordingly. Tell people to dress up in various colored clothes to set up the mood.

Final Thoughts

I hope you like our blog, and it helps you set up a cool and interesting themed party for your kid.