Ways to Make Money from Your Home

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Most people are feeling the pinch these days when it comes to their income so many of us are looking at ways to earn some extra cash and help pay for those ever-increasing bills. 

One budget-friendly way in which you can earn some extra money that you may never have considered is through creating events, spaces, and unique selling points within your home. Your home is usually your biggest investment, so why not turn things on its head and make your home do some earning for you? A wealth of apps, websites, and ideas are now available to really help you, and your potential new clients, make the most of your home. Get creative and transform your home into an extra money-earner with the help of these tips. 

Take in a Lodger

If you have a spare room in your house, one of the simplest ways of earning some extra money is by advertising for a lodger. By offering up your spare room you can increase your funds for relatively little effort, as well as getting an additional hand towards paying those energy bills. If you have a holiday home, motorhome, or travel a lot, you could also consider short-term or holiday lets and allow other people to appreciate what your home has to offer.

Rent Out Your Driveway

A less traditional way of making your home work for you is by renting out your driveway. Depending on where you live, parking may be an absolute nightmare. If you have space available, you can profit by charging people to park their car there. There are a number of websites where you can advertise your parking space and earn money for old rope (or asphalt). 

Share Your Space

You can easily make some money online by sharing your unused internet bandwidth. There are money-making apps on the internet that can pay you real money in exchange for your internet connection. One of those apps is Honeygain. With this app, you can receive passive income just by downloading and using the app on any of your devices. This will allow you to add an additional income stream to your existing cash flow without any effort.

Upgrade Your Garden

If you have a garden to be proud of, get ready to flaunt it. Your outdoor space can be used in multiple ways if you’re looking to earn some extra money. Host monthly ticketed outdoor movie nights with snacks, drinks, and cozy lighting for some al fresco entertainment for your neighbors. If your garden is large enough, you could hire the space out for events or functions.

When assessing how your garden can work for you, consider whether the addition of a summerhouse or cabin is possible and expand your options several times over. By adding a log cabin to your property you not only create a rental space separate from your home but still on your property, you open the door to the possibility of workshops, weekly classes, retreats, and extra office space all at the bottom of your garden. 

Host a Pop-Up Dinner Club

Pop-up supper clubs and dining experiences are an on-trend event that sees people opening their homes to guests and cooking sumptuous dinners for restaurant prices. If you are a culinary wizard, why not host a monthly club and create exciting menus using seasonal produce that will have diners returning time after time. 

Make Your Home a Movie Star

If your home has period features or a quirkiness all of its own, you could earn serious money by renting it out as a set for film, TV, or commercials or as a backdrop for photoshoots. Though intrusive, this may be one of the most lucrative options as production companies are willing to pay big money for the privilege of accessing your home. 

Offer Up Your Storage

If you have a garage or loft space that has little in it in the way of your possessions, you can earn cash by allowing people to rent that space for either short or long-term. This is perfect for students who need to store their stuff between semesters at college or for families who find themselves in a bind between house moves. Additionally, you can explore the possibility of transforming your loft space into a stylish and functional area with the expertise of Visionary Lofts in Wandsworth, Battersea, and Balham.

It may not be immediately obvious how you can make some extra money from your home. However, by taking stock of the space you have, and by thinking outside the box, you can use both your home’s space and your own skills to offer unique experiences and rental options that could become a lucrative little earner for you in the future.