What to Consider Before a Kid’s Birthday Party

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Who doesn’t enjoy a birthday party? Whether it’s a first birthday or an adult birthday, this occasion is always special. But with countless options, deciding on the kind of party you’d like to throw can be challenging. While different styles have pros and cons, below are some ideas to get you started. 


Small Gathering


If you’re not in the mood for a big party, a small gathering at home is a great option. This is perfect if you want to avoid the noise and chaos of a large party and would prefer a more intimate celebration. 


A gathering at home also allows you to personalize every aspect of the party. You can have your favorite food, music, and decorations and enjoy the privacy of your own home. 


Themed Party


Themed parties are a fun and exciting way to celebrate a birthday and can be inexpensive if done correctly. There are endless themes, be it a movie, beach, or costume party. Let the birthday person choose a theme and have everyone dress up accordingly. You can decorate the house or the park and have matching desserts and snacks. 


Themed parties are a perfect way to add some excitement to the party and create fantastic memories. They are also a way to make a party seem better than it may be. While that may sound wrong, it is true. A Spiderman birthday cake with red and blue balloons will be more memorable than a plain white cake with mismatched balloons. 


Renting Out Party Gear


If you want an enjoyable birthday party without going out and buying a bunch of equipment that likely won’t get used again, look to rent! There are many different ways to do this, but one of the easiest is to use a party rental company such as Freedom Fun USA. 


These companies can provide rentals, including giant outdoor movie screens, laser tag setups, and bounce houses. The best part is that once the party is over, you don’t need to store anything or worry about putting it away. 


Arcade or Trampoline Park


Going to an arcade or trampoline park is an excellent choice if you’re celebrating a kid’s birthday and don’t want to worry about planning or having many kids over to the house. They also offer a variety of activities that will keep everyone entertained for hours.


Arcades and trampoline parks already know how to throw a fun party, so you don’t have to do much more than show up. And since they are already fun places to be, you don’t have to worry about entertaining or keeping the fun going. The only downside is the cost. A party at Chuck E Cheese costs about $30 per child. Another potential downside is the pressure to add extra expenses such as food, paying for younger siblings who show up, or extending playtime. 


Pool Party


A pool party is perfect for a summer birthday celebration. You can add pool floats, decorations, and matching beach towels to create a fun atmosphere for celebrating. 


Guests can enjoy pool games and splash around while savoring refreshments like fresh fruits and cold drinks. Pool parties are great if you’re looking for something casual, relaxing, and fun – even for the parents who stick around to watch the kids. Similar to other options mentioned, the pool already provides entertainment, but the best part is it can be done for a fraction of the cost. 


Teenage Parties


Teenagers are the most demanding crowd when it comes to birthday parties. On the one hand, they are at the peak of needing to feel accepted and be cool, but on the other, they often think they are ‘too old’ to have their parents plan a birthday party. 

Finding balance with this age group is challenging but fun. The key is communication. 

Talk to your child and ask what they want. Set some boundaries and remind them that if they use your money for their party, you get to be involved. Most of the time, this fixes most issues, but if all else fails, remember you still are in charge, and in the end, your child will still be grateful and have fun. 




Sometimes the most crucial decision in planning is taking a step back and remembering who you are celebrating. It’s essential to choose a celebration that reflects the personality and interests of the birthday boy/girl. 


If you start there, regardless of the direction you go after, it will be a great celebration.