The Best Birthday Party Escape Rooms for Kids and Teens

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Have you ever thought about celebrating your kids’ birthdays in an unusual fantasy atmosphere? Transport your kids back to the Middle Ages to experience some supernatural magic? Welcome to the world of escape rooms. Family-friendly escape rooms are an exciting new experience that everyone in the family will love. Special themed rooms will suit whatever interest your child has, and you won’t have to worry about party planning as the whole event will be waiting for you inside the room. You can even hide a present inside the room to add an element of surprise. Bring in some personalized decorations, food and you’ll be ready to go. Both boys and girls will have a great time in the escape room.


The Best Escape Rooms for Kids’ Birthday Parties

Questroom escape rooms for kids offer a wide range of themes to suit the interest of all kids. Rooms themes include the following:

  • Kablam – An adventure game where kids can try their hand at playing the role of a famous candy maker in LA whose task it is to beat the most notorious villain in the area. Participants find themselves skyrocketed by hot air balloon to a place where they suddenly see the enemy’s face on a giant screen. Can they defeat him within 45 minutes?
  • Warlocked – Participants initially find themselves lost in a forest and must make their way through it in order to enter the kingdom through a house in the distance. They then enter the kingdom of Questoria where they have an hour to defeat the villain Warlock from destroying the entire kingdom in this exciting fantasy adventure room. 
  • DaVinci’s Challenge – DaVinci’s challenge is an historic adventure game in which kids have the opportunity to become a disciple of the great master. In order to earn this privilege, participants must pass a critical test within an hour. A great game for kids who love a challenge.
  • The Spell Breakers – In the Spell Breakers fantasy adventure room, participants have the task of saving a warrior who has been turned to stone by an evil witch. Kids are given an hour to figure this out and return the hapless warrior to his original state, otherwise they potentially face the same fate themselves. 
  • Malediction – Malediction is a fantasy adventure game similar to The Spell Breakers, but which also features the option for an adult version. Better to leave the kids in the cake room if you choose this option.
  • Red Giant – Red Giant is an adventure game in which participants find themselves before a pink pyramid, the sole remaining remnant of a lost empire. The task is to find the most valuable ruby in the world somewhere within the boundaries of the pyramid. If successful, the winner will live a life of luxury for the rest of time. 
  • Perfumer – This historic adventure game takes participants to 18th century France, where they must try to complete the creation of a once-begun perfume scent that would enchant anyone that smelled it. The creator, who it turns out was a merciless villain, has died. But whoever dares to take the challenge has an hour to complete the game before the arrival of the French gendarmerie. 
  • Polar Station – The Polar Station mystery room takes kids to a place where they find themselves the lone survivors of a plane crash. Stranded in a freezing cold wasteland, participants must make their way to and restore an abandoned station to working order before it is too late.

The Best Escape Rooms for Teens

There are escape rooms for teens, as well. Each of the escape rooms is rated in difficulty so that groups can choose how big of a challenge they want to undertake. Rooms for teens in groups of 2-6 include the following:

  • Bloody Elbow – In this historical thriller game, teens 14 and up are taken back to the 15th century. Those with the courage to enter this room are accused of witchcraft, and have to maneuver a complicated series of tasks to escape punishment for their supposed sins.
  • Cannibals’ Den – Not for the faint of heart, Cannibals’ Den is a thriller that forces participants to avoid getting trapped and devoured by an evil cannibal.
  • Resurrection – Resurrection is a comedy thriller that takes participants through a mystery involving a serial killer and the disappearance of a close friend. It is only by taking risks that the truth is eventually uncovered.


For an unusual, thrilling, and undoubtedly memorable birthday, take your kids to an escape room birthday party for children. Regardless of their age, escape rooms provide unforgettable (and sometimes terrifying!) experiences for boys and girls alike, and parents can experience the excitement alongside the kids. Anyone can have a standard birthday party with a clown, but having an escape room for a family birthday is unlike anything else your child will experience.