How To Refresh Your Tired, Old Bathroom Without Remodeling

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Out of all the many rooms in your house, your bathroom is the one that receives the most footfall. It’s where most of your daily routine takes place, from routine activities such as brushing your teeth or spraying deodorant to sacred self-care activities like lounging in a bubble bath or applying a face mask. Due to this, your bathroom must be designed with your comfort in mind so that you enjoy every moment you spend in the space. 

However, since a fair amount of your time is spent in this area, it’s only rational that over time you’ll start to notice your bathroom not looking as shiny and new as it once was. Once you realise that your bathroom may be overdue for a makeover, you may start considering how you might begin to refresh your tired, old bathroom. 

Still, the process of redecorating or remodelling an entire bathroom can be costly, and you may be reluctant to spend too much money on one area of your house. If, for whatever reason, you cannot commit to a complete remodel of your bathroom, be it funds, time etc., there are many ways you can refresh your tired, old bathroom without breaking the bank. 

From a fresh coat of paint to a new pair of bathroom blinds, this article outlines several ways that you can fresh your old, tired bathroom by upgrading decorative elements and making some simple swaps and saving you the hassle of remodelling. 

Pay Equal Attention To Your Windows 

When we think about redecorating or remodelling our bathrooms, windows hardly ever come into the picture, even though they are a pivotal aspect of the space. Although sprucing up your bathroom windows may sound like a dull job, or even an expensive one, it doesn’t have to be! Adding decorative elements to your windows, like bathroom blinds, candles, shutters, colourful Venetian blinds etc., can be an affordable, quick way to refresh your bathroom space without calling out the builders. 

Suppose you already have a pair of existing bathroom blinds that have seen better days? In that case, you could consider updating them by switching the offending couple with colourful, new Venetian blinds or roller blinds. For more inspiration, look at the product offerings from, whose website is full of inventive bathroom blinds, from skylight blinds to motorised roller blinds. Peruse their offerings for bathroom innovation and consider enlisting their services to help you achieve the space of your dreams. 

Upgrade Your Bathroom Tiles 

Another pivotal decorative element within your bathroom is your bathroom tiles. Due to their placement, your tiles are one of the first aspects that guests or you will notice upon entering your bathroom. Your tiles are also susceptible to a lot of dirt, dust, and general bathroom grime that can build up over time as people walk across them or as water is flicked onto them, further making them look tired and outdated. 

To improve the look of your tiles on a budget, you could consider giving them a deep clean with a homemade cleaning solution made from water and either vinegar, baking soda or lemon juice or a store-bought cleanser. On the other hand, if you’re willing to invest a little more money into your bathroom makeover, you could consider replacing your tiles completely either with the help of contractors or by yourself. 

Tiles are readily available from your local hardware store, or you could source them from online markets and can be purchased in a range of different designs, colours and patterns that are sure to refresh your tired, old-looking bathroom with one quick two-day job. 

Add Green Elements For Texture 

As well as being a beautiful decorative element, adding green features like household plants to your bathroom can boast many positivity-enhancing properties. According to NASA, one such benefit is that incorporating houseplants into your home décor can help purify the air around you by removing 87% of the toxins found in the air we breathe. 

Not to mention, it’s a commonly known fact that is surrounding ourselves with green elements and tending to them positively affects our moods, as we associate the colour green with the outdoors and nature which perks us up. Sometimes we’re reluctant to incorporate green elements into our spaces as they need proper care to flourish but housing them in wet rooms are the perfect environment for plants. 

Houseplants are available in various sizes, colours, and textures, so it’s almost certain that you’ll be able to find green elements that suit your taste and are easy to incorporate within your home’s existing décor scheme. Whether you opt for leafy, exotic, statement plants or small, well-placed succulents, adding green elements to your bathroom is a simple, cost-effective way to refresh and add life to your bathroom. 

Due to the humidity in the air of our bathrooms, you’ll find that houseplants will be much happier and more straightforward to look after. Alternatively, suppose you feel you don’t have enough time to care for houseplants properly. In that case, you could always consider purchasing faux houseplants, which create the desired effect without the effort of maintaining them. 

Optimise Storage Space 

Bathrooms are another housing area that can quickly become cluttered but can be challenging to combat due to the space. Therefore, you must take advantage of every spatial aspect from the walls to the floor to optimise storage solutions. Nowadays, various bathroom storage solutions are on the market for different tastes and styles. Whether you favour little, hidden nooks, custom drawers, or modern ladders for towels – you’re bound to find storage space fitting for your bathroom. 

As well as considering storage solutions, we also recommend taking advantage of upwards space by installing cupboards, ledges, or shelves to keep everyday bathroom objects hidden. This will reduce the amount on display so that focus can be on the decorative elements and not drawn towards distracting clutter. Or depending on the design of your sink, you could create a storage area underneath, which would also be perfect for hiding unsightly items and keeping the room refreshed. 

Refresh Or Replace Your Grout Or Sealant 

Much like your bathroom tiles, the grout keeping them in place and the sealant around the edge of your bathtub are two overlooked aspects of your bathroom that are highly susceptible to the build-up of grime. Failure to pay attention to the grout and sealant in your bathroom can turn once brilliant white grout and sealant green. 

Due to the humidity of the environment because of the water sources, it can encourage mould growth. Fortunately, both are incredibly straightforward to clean or replace with homemade mixtures or store-bought grout and sealant combater in worst-case scenarios. 

Alternatively, you could consider adding a layer of dark grout which creates a pleasing, modern contrast against lighter tiles and is less traditional than white grout – plus visitors to your home will be none the wiser to your practical decorative choice. 

As for your sealant, this is also another valuable job for a confident DIY-er and won’t damage your budget as you’ll only be set back the cost of a new sealant which can easily be stored and used again when your sealant needs refreshing. Or, if you’d like to save money further, you could attempt to refresh the sealant by using some white spirit or mould remover and a rag or toothbrush, which is bound to help the problem after repeated uses.