Make Your Netflix Kids Friendly By Using These Parental Control

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As we know it, television is gradually but steadily being replaced by streaming platforms. Netflix is a perfect example of a streaming medium.

Netflix has amazingly grown from a DVD delivery company into a giant streaming service in the last decade. It hosts thousands of shows, films, and documentaries to watch. Such a vast library aims to bolster the streaming experience for adults and kids alike.

Netflix offers a lot for kids to enjoy and learn from. The family-friendly movies section will get your child buzzing, as its catalog has some of the best kids movie options to watch on Netflix.

However, on Netflix USA, the library is filled with many titles, and your child may come into contact with content that might negatively impact their life.

The Need for Parental Control

As Netflix becomes a household name, parents have an opportunity to help their children use this technological advancement smartly and safely. Without a parental or a guardian’s supervision, some of the aired content can adversely affect the younger audience. 

There are many best kids movies to watch on Netflix, and the platform has set in place features to keep you in charge of your kid’s streaming experience. Netflix consists of content unsuitable for young adults, and Netflix is aware of this. The reason they have made it possible for you to set parental control on what your kid should watch.

Parental Control, when executed efficiently, can help you avert your child from dangers such as;

Exposure to Obscene Language or Violence

In most content, the audiences’ characters are moved to admire normally justified after slaying the villain. This may trigger confusion as Kids struggle to distinguish between wrong and right.

Violence can also stir up aggressive behavior amongst kids, which can cause a spike in bullying cases in the USA. Exposure to violent acts and disturbing images can cause nightmares. Using parental Control may save your child from becoming a bully or sinking into a fearful paranoia.

Low Morals

Alcohol, cigarettes, and sexual misconduct can at times be portrayed as a thing in some content. As a result, kids exposed to such vices might end up indulging in such behaviors. This, later on, may have adverse effects like drug abuse and promiscuity.

Health Problems

If unregulated, continuous streaming can result in too much screen time, translating to obesity. While streaming, kids tend to be mostly inactive and only move about to refill their snacks.

Setting time usage on your child’s Netflix profile can help mitigate this situation create room for some actual physical activities. Using Netflix’s Parental Control will rid you of fears of negative impact on your young ones from unsuitable content and help the entire family enjoy your Netflix subscription.

Using Parental Control

There are six methods to implement Parental Control that will help prevent the streaming of content unsuited for your children, set onscreen time and monitor activity.

Netflix Kids Experience

Netflix Kids Experience has an amber Kids logo for easy identification. When activated, children cannot access Netflix Games nor Account Settings options but can only view content carefully chosen for them.

It has simplified features that kids can easily navigate to get their favorite content. Netflix Kids Experience can be personalized with suitable profile pictures to your child’s appeal.

Deactivate Auto-Play

The automatic streaming feature plays one show after another with only ten seconds countdown between them. Turning it off will prevent binge-watching and inappropriate content if the show is unsuitable for young viewers.

Profiles Restrictions

Tech-savvy kids may prowl your Netflix account to watch content that you would not allow them to. A recent update on this feature allows you to assign a four-character pin to a profile. This can help restrict the young from accessing content intended for mature audiences outside their profiles.

So next time your kid tries to circumvent and access content outside their category, they will be prompted for a pin.

Navigating Through Stream Record

You learn of your kid’s activities on Netflix using a record of previously streamed shows.  Open Viewing Activity from Profile and Parental Control settings on your account.  You can also see how much time your child has spent on Netflix, which can be helpful should there be a need for reproach.

Age Rating

Netflix allows you to create individual profiles using maturity ratings. Settings can be adjusted to par with your child’s growth, knowledge and responsibility to let them stream a wider variety of content. Material that you deem unfit for your young ones according to age can be avoided by setting viewing restrictions based on rating.

When filtering content by age, remember that indicated number means that the rated content is suitable for kids below the shown age.

Title Filters

Some shows and films that might affect your children may still seep through the Age filter option. Filtering them using Title Restrictions will weed out unwanted content with suspicious titles.


Netflix constantly updates its Control features to enamor you with effective ways to safeguard your little ones as they bask in a wide array of content. Of course, restrictive measures are beneficial, but you can still add to their effectiveness by engaging your kids in an honest discussion about their streaming life. 

This will help your child navigate the Video-on-demand world by enhancing their decision-making on what to watch long after they have out-grown the Parental Control bracket.