Modern solutions in interior design of modern cottages

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The interior of any home should be as comfortable and cozy as possible for all its inhabitants, should be conducive to rest and peace. A country house always has several significant advantages that allow you to create an ergonomic space – these are large areas, proximity to nature and high ceilings.

It must be understood that in a city apartment the interior does not depend on the design features of the house, but in a private country house the connection between these factors is direct and clear. For example, if a house outside is decorated in the Russian style with carved architraves and cockerels on the roofs, then oriental ornaments are unlikely to be appropriate inside. When developing the design of a modern cottage, a clear harmony between the exterior and interior should be observed.

In the design of the interior design of a country house there are some features:

  • The entire interior must be made in the same style.
  • Choose your color scheme carefully.
  • Analyze the building materials market and choose the best in terms of price and quality.
  • In the same style, not only decoration, but also the selection of furniture should be made.
  • Decor and lighting play an important role in the interior design of a modern cottage.

Color solutions

The design of a modern cottage is unthinkable without a certain color scheme. Incorrectly chosen colors can reduce productivity, general mood and disrupt the inner harmony of the inhabitants of the house. Much in the choice of colors depends on the tastes of the inhabitants of the house, but there are a number of patterns that are best followed in order to achieve a really good result.

In the interior, it is undesirable to use more than three or four shades of those colors that appeal to you the most. One color should be dominant – it will be used in the design of the walls. Even if you like rich, bright colors, you should not make them dominant in the decoration of rooms. Leave them for bright accents. Also, don’t try to squeeze in all the colors you like into the interior, unless you are making an oriental-style cottage, where the variegation is really appropriate.

A large number of finishing materials allows you to play not only with colors, but also with textures. One of the ways to create an original interior is a combination of smooth and embossed textures. They can even be of the same color and still look contrasting and attractive.

When creating the design of a modern cottage, you can choose one textured detail that will make the space lively, cozy, original and unique. For example, in the interior, you can harmoniously combine various textile elements in color and texture – curtains, upholstery or furniture covers, pillows, etc.


Minimalism is in fashion today, not only in decor, but also in furniture. Even in large rooms, typical for country cottages, there is no need for an excess of furniture. And even more inappropriate bulky furniture for small houses. It is better to choose a minimum of items that will be as functional as possible. For large houses, large furniture is more appropriate, for small rooms, compact.

The greatest harmony can be achieved if you skillfully combine large things and small details. Only an excess of large objects makes the interior faceless, and a large amount of small decor is annoying. The Modern’s leather armchair will perfectly fit in the interior. 


When choosing a lighting fixture, you need to focus on its appearance. The lamp should harmoniously fit into the overall environment, not only in the evening, but also during the day. Depending on the design of a modern cottage, lamps can be dark, light, golden, chrome. The lampshade must be selected in accordance with the chosen finish.

The dimensions of the chandelier and lighting fixtures should be proportional to the room in which they are located. For small rooms, huge falling chandeliers are out of place, and in a large room a compact lamp will simply be lost.

Modern cottage interior style

The areas of country houses allow designers not to restrain their creative thought. When creating a design project for a modern cottage, first of all, the wishes of the owners of the house are taken into account, and only then modern fashion trends. Today, the most popular styles are country, provence, chalet, Scandinavian and modern style.

Country style cottage

This style will be most appropriate in a wooden house where a friendly family lives with their own traditions, customs and values. There is some rustic romance in the country, which dictates the choice of materials for finishing and furnishing.

Country does not accept metal, glass, and even more so plastic. The design uses plaster, stone, wooden beams, as well as wallpaper with floral patterns or stripes.

Natural, natural, natural materials are the basis of the design of a modern cottage. Inside the house there can be a kitchen with a retro buffet and a massive wooden table, a living room with a fireplace. In addition to low furniture, linen or chintz curtains, and painted dishes are suitable.

Provence style cottage

The Provence style comes from France, and it is characterized by lightness, airiness, and some romance. And to create this feeling help floral motifs, which are actively used in the interior.

Furniture and decor play a special role in Provence, in fact, they create a country mood. Furniture should be solid, light, ideally vintage or artificially aged.

With the decor, too, everything is quite simple – imagine a summer day on the Mediterranean coast, a French village street. And you will immediately understand what shades you need – lavender, blue, light yellow tones. In addition – wicker things, flower vases, porcelain dishes. In general, the style leaves a feeling of lightness and purity.

Scandinavian style cottage

Scandinavians are reserved and laconic people, and Scandinavian design is just as concise, without excessive decoration. The Scandinavian solidity of the interior is given by the use of natural materials. The Scandinavian style allows you to create a beautiful, cozy, bright and spacious house at minimal cost, which will be equipped with everything you need.

For the decoration of the walls, simply white paint is often used, for decoration – wood. Bright color accents will help to revive the interior a little and give it individuality.

Furniture is chosen in simple forms, but soft, comfortable. In order not to create a feeling of hospital severity, unusual details are brought into the interior – interesting curtains or planters.

The design of modern cottages is not only beauty and harmony, but also convenience, functionality, and reliability of execution. Starting building a house from scratch, it is difficult to even figuratively draw a plan for what your future home will be like. Many dream of a country house. It can be large or small, used for weekends or even wintering. Everyone has their own ideas about its purpose. To make this place really special and make you want to return there again and again, you should thoroughly consider its design.