Pairing Food And Wine: Simple Rules To Follow

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Are you hosting a dinner party at your place? Is it a BBQ night or a formal dinner? There are many preparations like the seating, cutlery, dishes that need to be taken care of. So, what are you pairing with the food at your dinner party? Food alone cannot give that cheering vibe! Wine can do the deed and complement every cuisine you prepare. Are you struggling to find the right one for your dinner? You are not alone! Many people undergo a similar situation. Ease your worry as we have brought some simple rules on pairing wine and food.


Pairing wine enhances the richness of the food items. You might be wondering about the rocket science involved in it. Trust us; there is nothing so fancy! Use these simple guidelines to serve with confidence!


 Food And Wine Should Be Balanced: By this, we do not mean balancing them by weights. Matching light foods with lighter style wine and heavy food with heavy wines is the key. For instance, light foods like fish and poultry go best with delicate wines. How about a white wine here? Similarly, full-bodied wines will work the best for heavier edibles like red meat!


 Match The Flavor Intensity With Food: Food and wines of a similar taste complement each other. Meat with lemon sauce can be clubbed with citrus flavors to enhance the taste. Experiment rich, heavy, spicier foods with rich wines as well! Wouldn’t it be lovely to pair a creamy chicken with a rich chardonnay? 


Look At Acid Content: Wines have acidic content based on the fermentation process. High acid wines are generally used to clean the palate after oily foods like curries, fried items, or buttery sauces. For instance, if you are eating a salad with vinegar dressing – pair it with a crisp wine like a pinot grigio. Rich gravies usually spark good with acidic wines – imagine squeezing a lemon and enhancing the flavor; it somewhat works similarly!


Pair Slight Bitter One With Heavy Food: Imagine eating heavy food and (then) feeling uncomfortable! Isn’t it upsetting after a great dinner? Try to complement a slight bitter wine with such delicacies to aid digestion. The astringent flavor will cut off the discomfort. Have you tried ice tea? If yes, you can match up with the taste of a bitter wine then! You can also try mead. Learn to prepare a better mead as per your preference.


Wine Should Be Sweeter Than The Sweet Served: There will obviously be a dessert at your dinner, panna cotta, cakes, or ice cream! No matter what it is, just analyze its sweetness and pair a wine that is sweeter than that. Sweet wines with good acidities, such as dandelions, are perfect for decadent desserts. Buy a bottle of dandelion wine from Hidden Legend Winery that is enriched with vitamins and will keep you healthy. This online store has varieties of alcohol and mead that will be delivered to you in no time. So, now that you have guests coming over try their dandelion wine to surprise them all. Your guests will definitely credit you for that!


 Spicy Food = Spicy Wine: Are you a spicy food lover? Don’t want the taste of spice to go away? Pair spicy foods with spicy wines so that the spiciness stays intact. For instance, high spice Thai or Indian food can destroy the flavor of sweet wine. It is ideal to complement it with a spicy one like Petite Sirah, Malbec, or Zinfandel. 


Remember, pairing food and wine is absolutely subjective. Every person may have a different choice about it. The above rules are standard and are applicable worldwide. So, don’t hesitate to use them. There is no hard fast thing to it! Do what you love or buy several types of wines so that guests can have them as per their wish.