Dog Car Seat Cover Buying Guide… What cover do I need?

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Excited to go on an adventure with your dog? We know they are! There is lots of fun to be had when you’re traveling with your best friend. 

Whether it’s taking in tree-lined views or basking in the scenery where the sky meets the sea, the wind in your hair (and in your dog’s face) can become a welcome reprieve from sitting in the house all day.

However, before you embark on your next grand trip, there’s a question that lingers in your head: “How am I supposed to keep my car clean?”

As much as you love your canine companion, the idea of cleaning dirt, slobber, paw prints, and fur afterward can be a bit of a turn-off. 

But it doesn’t have to be.

The solution? It’s as simple as getting the perfect dog seat covers for leather seats (or any type of car seat material, really).

If you don’t know where to start, don’t fret!

We’ve listed the top SIX dog seat cover options so that you and your best friend can have one less thing to worry about.

Ready to get into it? Let’s begin!

Option #1: Bench seat covers

Bench seat covers are probably the most common option you’ll find on the market — and it’s easy to see why.

It protects your entire back seat from all the messy stuff, including hard-to-remove dog hair and possible stains. However, make sure to measure your backseat first before making a commitment though. 

The standard bench seat cover size is 55”. However, some options come in extended widths of up to 63”.

Our tip: Err on the side of durability, coverage, and ease. 

Invest in bench seat covers with strong seams, waterproof fabric, at least four attachments to ensure it stays in place, and piping to catch any excess mud and water.

If you have kids or other passengers, look for bench seat covers that have openings for child car seats and seat belts. This also makes it possible for you to use your dog seat belt harness.

Option #2: Bucket seat covers

If you own sedans, SUVs, or trucks, bucket seat covers are your best bet. 

This is because bucket seat covers fit into and protect the entire seat, including the back and bottom areas — just like a glove. 

While they’re mostly used in the front passenger seat, bucket seat covers can also be used in the middle row of your SUV or minivan.

Our tip: Apart from edge piping, look for durable seams — preferably double-stitched. 

It also helps to opt for a brand that provides a lifetime warranty, just in case.

Option #3: Irregular car seat covers

If your car has unique armrests or cup holders for every seat, then it’s best to go for either a short bench seat cover or a short bucket seat cover.

These types of seat covers offer flexibility and ease, especially since there are just too many types of vehicles and accessories in the market.

Our tip: For cars with extra armrests, extra-wide benches, or other unique features, go with irregular car seats.

Option #4: Dog hammocks

A dog hammock looks exactly like what it sounds like.

They come with attachments that allow you to hang them between the front of your back seat and the back of your front seat like a hammock.

We recommend this option if you’re looking for a cover that does three things: 1) protect your car seat, 2) prevent your dog from jumping into the front seat, and 3) stop your dog from falling into the footwell of your car.

Our tip: Look for dog hammocks that have a zip in the middle. 

This allows your dog to share the back seat with other human passengers.

When it comes to hammock car covers, you’ll want something that’s strong enough to support your dog’s full weight. 

Look for the usual signs of strength, including piping to hold dirt and water, waterproof fabric, and double-stitched seams.

Option #5: Car door guards

Now, you may think car seats are all the protection you need. But you want to protect your doors, too.

Dogs get easily excited and can’t help themselves. They’ll usually want to put their paws up by the window, making this area susceptible to scratches, dirt, and slobber.

Car door guards are the perfect option to protect not just your car doors but also your car windows. They fit snugly between your window and your door panel, extending the protection you get from your car seats.

Our tip: If you own a regular car, then there are plenty of options for you. 

But, in unique cases, you might want to opt for car door guards that are universal. Quality is king here, too, so make sure your door guard can stand more than the average wear-and-tear.

Option #6: Cargo covers

If you have cargo space at the back of your minivan, SUV, or station wagon, then we recommend going for a cargo cover.

This type of cover lays flat and offers a split zipper feature for the back of your back seats. This way, you can adjust your back seats up and down without having to constantly adjust the covers.

Our tip: Many cargo covers are just overpriced blankets, so you’ll need to be careful with this one.

Look for cargo covers that have folding rubber bumper guards to help your dog climb in and out hassle-free while protecting your bumper from messes and scratches.

And there you have it — the top SIX dog seat cover options for you and your canine travel buddy. We hope we were able to help you find exactly what you need. 

As always, happy travels!