Skin care: everything you need and nothing more

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The modern cosmetics market is saturated with a variety of means. The assortment of care products surprises with a special variety. Among the offers, it is often difficult to choose exactly those that are really necessary and avoid buying those that are not needed to care for a certain type of skin. What must every girl have from cosmetics, and what can you do without?

Cleansing is the most important step in skin care. It aims to remove all types of dirt, including makeup residue, sebum, street dirt and dust. What makeup should every woman have? Buy Makeup Remover:

  • micellar water;
  • hydrophilic oil;
  • milk or gel depending on skin type.

Cosmetologists recommend using oil-based products to care for dry skin. If the skin is sensitive, combination or problematic, carefully study the range of gels and micellar water. Cosmetologist recommend Skinceuticals products. 

For washing, choose special means, make-up will not completely remove all impurities. After removing the make-up, be sure to wash your face. For washing, it is best to choose a gentle foam, replacing it with ordinary soap, which dries the skin. An analogue can be a gel or a special soap. Powders that are mixed with water and do an excellent job of removing skin impurities have recently been in demand in the beauty market.

The most necessary tonic cosmetics

The next stage of care is toning. Ignoring this procedure can lead to deterioration of the skin, loss of firmness and elasticity. To restore Ph-balance, South Korean brands offer a variety of lotions, tonics, and thermal water. Thanks to these agents, further agents penetrate deeper into the epidermis and have a more effective effect.

The final stage of care: the necessary cosmetics for every day

What products are needed to care for the skin after its thorough cleansing and toning? Choose the right serum for your skin type. These funds are presented in different forms and are aimed at deep moisturizing of the integument, combating inflammation, age-related changes, and pigmentation. There are regenerating serums that help to quickly get rid of damage to the skin, to give the relief smoothness.

The most necessary cosmetics for girls necessarily includes creams. A day and night product is a must have in your makeup bag. The cream is selected strictly taking into account the characteristics of the skin. For oily, combination, dry, problematic, aging skin, different creams are designed. The number of jars and tubes can not be limited to two, but to expand the range of necessary creams by purchasing funds for different seasons and areas of the face. What creams should a woman have yet? An eye cream will help take care of the most delicate part of the face, remove wrinkles and dark circles, and make the look radiant. In this part, the skin differs in structure and the usual face cream is not suitable for caring for it.

Cosmetics to maintain a beautiful and healthy appearance of the face

In the list of funds that are not used daily, but fairly regularly, you can include a few more products:

  • scrubs and peels;
  • face masks.

The first group of products will help maintain the condition of the skin, preventing dead epidermal cells from accumulating on the surface of the skin, as well as removing deep impurities. Applying the product 1-2 times a week, you will thoroughly cleanse the skin and even out its relief, improving the general condition and color.

The range of masks is rich in offers for every taste and for all skin types. The task of such cosmetics is to improve the condition of the integument and solve the most difficult problems. The mask is left on the skin for a while for exposure, after which it is washed off with water. Special attention is paid to film masks, which, after hardening, can be easily removed from the surface of the face. There are many options for masks – cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, tonic. Choose according to your individual characteristics.

How not to buy too much and not to forget what you need

Getting into the store, it is easy to get confused and forget about purchasing the necessary products, instead buying attractive tubes and jars that are not needed at all. How to spend money wisely and not forget about the mandatory beauty products? Make a list, taking into account all the stages of skin care. It should include make-up remover, washing, toning, creams, masks and peelings / scrubs. Having put things in order in the list of necessary things, shopping is much easier.