5 Practical Ways to Prepare your Patio this Summer

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Have you been feeling lazy trying to design the patio area? Or do you get discouraged seeing the cracks on the outdoor concrete floors? How about asking a contractor to rejuvenate your concrete Los Angeles CA? Often you run out of ideas and never again dare to focus on beautifying the outdoor living room. Well, now is the time!

Here are five practical ways to prepare your patio for summer. Read on and get inspired.

1- Change the outdoor furniture

2- Clean up the concrete patio floor, decks, and porch floors

3- Change the outdoor rugs

4- Clean the doors and windows from the inside out

5- Cut loose branches and twigs around the shrubs

Prepping the Patio for The Summer

You do not have to be dizzy looking around for the perfect idea to prep the patio area. You only need these five inspirations that are simple and quick to do. Start on this, and you will see how you could eventually create a more exciting and custom decorative patio on your own. 

1- Change the outdoor furniture

Okay. So now you are probably stuck on the idea, what to change? And why change? Hee is how you can approach this process. 

As you plan to change the furniture, think about renewing the theme. Or you probably didn’t have any theme before. Now take a few steps back and observe your current patio situation. 

Ask yourself the following:

  • Are the furniture pieces too outdated? 
  • Are there pieces that are too heavy to look at?
  • Do I have dark-colored items that need to change?
  • What items would get brittle or damaged under the sun’s heat?

Now, answer these yourself. You would check one or two, or even all of them. Then, change the furniture pieces in your outdoor living room accordingly. 

Have a theme or motif. What does summer remind you of? How do you want your patio makes you feel? What type of furniture materials would fit the concrete floor if that is what you have. 

So to make the furniture match the feel of summer. Use and choose light materials like wicker chairs. White lines. Or colorful pillows. Park benches concrete. Use a more subdued background like pastel colors for the benches.

2- clean up the concrete floors in the patio, decks, or porches

Summer makes you want to revamp the spaces in your residential areas and even commercial spaces. The warmth of the sun makes everything feels dry and less humid. That makes a perfect time to get some cleaning done. Using water to give a space a few washes is suitable since the high temperature would help you dry the surfaces quickly. 

Aside from simple cleaning and scrubbing the floor, you might also consider a resurfacing project. This is mainly for spaces with concrete floors. You might want to revive the natural beauty of the cemented patio. A stained application will make the colors look vibrant again, perfect for the summer. Or apply an overlay on your existing polished or stamped concrete patio. 

3- Change the outdoor rugs

Another practical tip and an easy step to prep the patios or porches are changing the outdoor rugs. It might not yet rain but placing rugs as an accent to the floor. This would also, of course, help keep the surface clean and polished. A dry season means more dust or sand that could linger and cause abrasion to a concrete floor in the patio. 

When changing the rugs, use pastel colors to reflect a chic and relaxed vibe. 

Do not also hesitate to use playful patterns on the rugs.

4- Clean doors and windows and other exteriors surrounding the patio area

Making a clear window that makes the view brighter and more transparent would not only impact the indoors. In its simpler sense, a clean exterior like the windows and glass doors would add to your outdoor living area’s stylish and stunning aesthetics.

5- Cut loose branches and twigs around the shrubs in your patio garden

Lastly, cut and trim the shrubs in your garden. It is not enough that the patios are prepped up. Make an effort to clean and polish the entire exterior of your property. Looking at a clean and organized garden adds to the relaxing effect of hanging out in your patio area. 

That would also help maintain the floors since there would be fewer organic objects that could dirty up the surfaces. 

Final Thoughts

As summer seasons draw close, your outdoor spaces get the attention it deserves. As soon as you feel the heat embracing the earth’s surface, you feel the urge to come outdoors and feel a refreshing breeze. Indoor heat would be hard to escape as the concrete walls and floors could absorb the warm temperature. There is no other palace where you would want to spend time resting and refreshing but the outdoor spaces like the patios.