How to Identify, Understand and Teach Gifted Children

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How to Identify, Understand and Teach Gifted Children

If you think you have a gifted child you need to read this! Here we will discuss how you can identify and make sure that your child or any other child is gifted first. Then, we will teach you how to understand gifted children and also how to teach the gifted children which is essential. 

Identifying Gifted Children

The first thing you need to do is to identify a gifted child or children. When it comes to teach gifted children we must add that you may need a private tutor. Regular school may and will limit their potential which will have a negative overall impact. The best thing you can do is to check Learner tutoring reviews and help children reach their potential as easily as possible. You will thank us later. 

Anyway, a gifted child will have talent. It can be for art, creativity talent or it can even be about leadership. One of the most common in this case scenario is intellectual talent. In general, these children tend to outperform in many domains.

Gifted children will reach impressive levels in certain domains, the ones they are talented for. Usually, this means that they will have impressive performance in one domain but it is possible that they dominate in multiple domains as well. 

Another thing gifted children have is a fast or better results than other children. They will usually outperform their peers at most tasks. Keep in mind that this is not something that happens all the time in 100% cases so you may need to stay realistic. 

If all of this is complicated or it doesn’t make sense, there is an easy way. You can test a child and determine is he or she is a gifted pupil. The test is available at the National Association For Gifted Children and it is very accurate. Honestly, this is something you probably should do if possible, as soon as you can. You will see why in a minute.

Understanding Gifted Children

The next thing you will have to do is to understand gifted children. This is no easy task. You need to keep in mind that these children will react differently to information. They need details and they need to understand the topic! What this means is that you need to be detailed with them and you need to provide accurate information related to anything and everything. 

Basically, you will have to help them understand the topic. This usually means that you will need to know all about the topic as well so you can transfer that knowledge. 

These children can use logic more than you. What this means is that if you do one thing that is not efficient, effective, or doesn’t make logical sense, they won’t understand why you are doing this. However, this is not a generic thing so we can’t say that it applies to all gifted children. 

Now when you know these details you can try to understand gifted children more. In a nutshell, they are logical and they prefer logic over anything else. You can say that they are ‘’advanced’’ and that they will usually do something in the best way. 

Teaching Gifted Children

The main theme here is how you can teach gifted children. It is the most complicated thing here. Gifted children will learn must faster than regular children. They can adopt information faster and they can present to you the theory in less time and when they have fewer details. This is possible due to the far transfer. It means that they will combine two or more sources into one and draw a conclusion out of it.

An interesting fact here is that gifted children will draw conclusion and theories even for the things that are not taught in school. You will be surprised when this happens and you will probably want to talk to that child even more. We must add that these characteristics had some of the smartest people like Einstein and Churchill.  

We must add that many gifted children are verbally gifted. However, you need to remember that not all gifted children are verbally gifted simply because of an obvious fact. Some have gift that is more focused on math. On the other hand, more of them are able to understand written and spoken parts of classes better than average children and adopt the knowledge easily and within less time. 

The bottom line here is actually obvious. Gifted children require a more advanced and more detailed type of education. Regular education is not ideal for them and will usually slow down their progress and the overall outcome. Now you know why there are so many programs and schools that teach these children only. 

The Final Word

In order to understand or identify and especially teach the gifted children one must be special or must be gifted as well. This means that many gifted children are discovered too late or when the education was already less effective and less interesting for them. Try to be different and identify these children as soon as possible.