Five Ways To Keep Your Power Bills Low

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Saving money any way that you can is part of life. When it comes to your power bill, there are countless ways to lower your consumption. Reducing the amount of energy that you use not only lowers your power bill but also decreases the footprint you are leaving on the Earth. Both benefits go hand in hand, so when you work on one aspect of your energy usage, you are helping the other.

You are not here to discuss the damage being done to the environment, though. Instead, you want to know five ways to keep your power bills low, which will save on the cash in your pocketbook.

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  1. Lights – It seems like one of the easiest ways to save on your power bills would also be the simplest to adjust, but it does not ever seem to work out that way.
  • When you leave a room, turn the lights off, and teach everyone else in the house to do the same.
  • When you are not at home, turn the lights off.
  • Use energy-saving bulbs in all your receptacles, including the garage.
  • The outdoor lights should be converted to solar-style lights, especially the security lights that go on and off all night.
  • Use candles at night instead of lights.
  • Use lamps instead of overheads.
  • Connect smart systems to your lighting system, which will give you access through an application on our mobile device.
  1. Compare Rates – If you are lucky enough to have more than one energy supplier in the area, you can go online to a comparison platform and see if one of the other companies can give you better rates with the same service. This is the best way how to compare electricity rates in your area. Do remember, though, that just because a supplier is cheaper does not mean they are better. Check into the company to see how reliable they are before you switch over.
  2. Unplug Those Chargers – One of the most prominent energy-sucking vampires in your house is the chargers you leave plugged in all the time. They use small amounts of energy even when not plugged into the phone or laptop. The power supply only knows that a cord is plugged into it, so it will surge power into the cable until it is unplugged or in full use. If you still do not want to unplug the chargers you have placed around the house, plug them into a power strip that you can turn off. If you want to go fancier, you can use a smart power strip that automatically turns the power off when not in use.
  3. Control Your Water Use – You may be confused about why this would affect energy conservation, and the answer is simple. Water takes power to be pumped into your home, and water is heated inside the hot water heater, so you have more than just cold water.
  • Use cold water in your laundry.
  • Use less hot water in your showers.
  • Fix any leaks that you have.
  • Turn the water off when not in use.
  • Water the lawn only when necessary.
  1. Thermostat Control – One degree makes a big difference in your power bill. Turn the heat down a couple degrees and put on some clothes. Turn the air conditioner down and take some clothes off. Being comfortable is essential for your health and mood, but turning the thermostat down a couple of degrees will decrease the power usage, and your body will adjust to the new temperature settings.

Those are five simple ways to save money on your power bill, and decrease the footprint your house has on the environment. They are simple things, but they seem to be some of the most difficult for people to follow. You can always convert your home to smart technology if your family refuses to go along with your ideas to lower power usage.

A smart home can be hooked to any mobile device through an application. It can be locked down, so you have complete control over the lights, thermostat, and even the appliances if they are hooked up to the smart system.