Budget Tips To Own A Flaunt-Worthy Jewelry Collection

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If you are a jewelry lover, you will probably want to own a collection and grow it over the years. But the rising costs of precious metals and gemstones may keep you from creating a dream collection. However, you need not cringe at the process or envy others wearing the most stunning pieces. Here are some tried and tested tips from frugal shoppers you can rely on.

Begin with the basics

Jewelry shopping is just like creating a wardrobe that covers everyday needs and special occasions. You can follow the capsule wardrobe concept and stick with the basics, such as a sleek gold chain, a pair of diamond studs, a simple bracelet, and your wedding ring. You can carry them with any outfit and on any occasion. Moreover, you need not break the bank to create a basic collection with these pieces.

Add a few statement pieces when possible

A basic collection is good to start, but you will surely want to add a personal touch to your collection down the line. You can visit a local jewelry store and pick a statement piece whenever you can afford one to personalize your assortment over time. But remember to choose evergreen designs that will never go out of vogue. Lightweight pieces and simple designs are better options as you can wear them today and even as you grow older. 

Find cost-effective alternatives

A little research can help you find cost-effective alternatives in jewelry if the budget is a pressing concern. For example, you can opt for silver or 14K gold instead of 22K gold to lower the price of gold pieces. Consider buying a lab grown diamond necklace if mined diamonds seem out of your reach. The best thing about such alternatives is that they are still valuable and look as good as their exorbitantly expensive counterparts.

Stick with your style

Although you may want to add trendy jewelry to your collection, it can burn a hole in your wallet. The sad part is that you may not want to wear it a couple of years later because it does not match your style. Experts recommend defining your style and sticking with it, particularly when buying high-value items. Reselling them may entail losses, so it is better to buy wisely in the first place. 

Invest in jewelry care

Buying the right pieces is not the only thing you need to do to build a flaunt-worthy collection. You must invest in proper care for your precious pieces to retain their beauty and luster for the long haul. Follow the cleaning instructions for different items according to the gemstones and base metals. Optimal storage is equally crucial. Also, get a periodic check from the jeweler to ensure that the stones are securely fixed. 

Building a flaunt-worthy jewelry collection is absolutely possible, even on a nominal budget. Get educated and follow a common-sense approach while buying pieces and keep them well-maintained for years to come.