10 Differences Between Standard Massage Chairs and Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

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Zero gravity massage chairs are becoming more and more popular due to their benefits over standard massage chairs. If you have been considering purchasing one, then you should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of zero gravity massage chairs over normal ones so that you can decide whether or not you want to go ahead with it. Here are ten differences between standard massage chairs and zero gravity massage chairs.


Normal massage chairs are comfortable, but they don’t have the same relieving effect as a zero gravity chair. They are made to lay on and work your muscles in one direction, which only alleviates stress from one side of your body.  On the other hand, zero gravity chairs put you in an upright position with both feet planted firmly on the ground so that you feel weightless when it comes to gravity. Plus, they offer relief on both sides of your body thanks to their perfect positioning. 


The pillows can be adjusted depending on how much pressure is needed in different places along your back or neck. Although they provide two distinct benefits, each type has perks that might make it more suited for different people.


Let’s start with the place to hang your massage chair! The normal massage chair will need to hang from a stable beam or pillar of some sort, but that can be an issue in many homes. In contrast, a zero gravity massage chair just needs to sit on the floor like any other piece of furniture so this is great for those with high ceilings or those without home spa rooms. 


One of the great features of zero gravity chairs is that you don’t have to stretch out your arms before use because you’ll be laying completely flat, this reduces muscle tension from being constricted in one position for too long.


Normally, the footrest isn’t adjustable, but with a zero gravity massage chair, it can be lowered or raised to provide support for your feet. The leg positioning isn’t very intuitive on a normal massage chair, but with a zero gravity massage chair, the back of the machine is curved so that your legs can easily come into contact with it without much effort.


Lastly, the controls are usually in arm’s reach when using a traditional massage chair because you are lying down and need to use your arms to manipulate them. With a zero gravity massage chair, the controls are higher up on top of the machine which can be more difficult for some people because you have to either get up from your seat or stretch your arm across from yourself.


The most obvious difference between a normal massage chair and a zero gravity chair is size. A regular massage chair will take up just as much space as any other piece of furniture in your home. Most zero gravity chairs, on the other hand, will not require such a large footprint. Some models can be folded down or converted into recliners so that they don’t take up floor space at all! You can use these types of chairs when you need to accommodate extra guests in your home as well.

Working Mechanism

The normal massage chair typically works by having the user sit in a reclined position, then shifting their weight onto the cushion while they try to move their hands or feet on the floor to make it roll. It also relies on four different types of movements: rocking, oscillating, shiatsu, and rolling. 


Some chairs even come with optional heat therapy settings or vibration functions to add another dimension of relaxation. In contrast, zero gravity chairs work by having the user lie on a flat surface that is curved so that they can relax in an almost weightless environment while they simply focus on deep breathing or try some simple exercises like arm extensions.

Noise Level 

When it comes to noise level, the big difference is that zero gravity massage chairs are often much quieter. This is primarily because they do not use an electric motor to move. Without the whirring of a motor, there isn’t nearly as much noise during operation. Some models can also be operated while wearing headphones, which helps block out the noise even more!

Operation System

The operating system for normal massage chairs is typically stored in remote control. The procedure is to send the remote control information, such as the desired speed or intensity, through infrared, radio waves, or any other means. On the other hand, Zero Gravity massage chairs can be controlled by moving a touchscreen on its armrest. 


There are two different types of operating systems, internal and external. Internal systems are stored in the chair while external systems are attached to the chair via cables. External systems require an energy source that plugs into an electrical outlet, so they can only be used in places with a power supply

Usage Time

Zero gravity massage chairs are typically considered more luxurious than normal massage chairs. This is because they provide a variety of intense massages that focus on your back, neck, feet, head, and legs simultaneously. This enables you to get a full body workout in just a few minutes. However, this luxury does come with a hefty price tag. 


When it comes to the usage time, the average zero gravity chair only lasts 20 minutes before needing to be recharged for another 20 minutes of use. Normal massage chairs will last an average of 2 hours before needing to be recharged again (they can’t switch out batteries like their zero gravity counterparts). 

Control Buttons

A normal massage chair typically has two control buttons for changing the intensity of the massage. This is a nice feature for those who would like to change the intensity throughout their massage but does not offer that many options for in-depth customization. 


A zero gravity massage chair, on the other hand, will typically have three control buttons: one for off/on, one for adjusting angle from high to low, and one for adjusting intensity from soft to hard. This provides more versatility when it comes to selecting a massage style or experience level.

Power Supply

One of the biggest differences between a normal massage chair and a zero gravity massage chair is the power supply. Massage chairs have to be plugged in, but many zero gravity models are self-powered by batteries. 


Zero gravity massage chairs are very popular because they allow for a free range of motion in their therapeutic, in addition to soothing sounds. There is a switch on the side that allows you to choose from two different zero gravity settings: standard or high-intensity kneading. Both of these choices allow for two different kinds of movements, as well as three intensities that cater to various preferences.