Best Toys for 5-Year-Olds (That Won’t Drive You Crazy)

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Your 5-year-old’s energy and curiosity are in overdrive, and that means you’re probably looking for ways to keep your little one occupied, especially since there’s not much they can do on their own yet! Luckily, there are plenty of toys out there designed with the needs of 5-year-olds in mind, ones that will help them learn new skills while making your life easier in the process.


Kids toys come in all shapes and sizes. It can be hard to know which are the best toys for kids who are 5 years old or younger to play with at this age, so we’ve put together this list of some of the best toys kids that age can play with from these three categories: dollhouses, action figures, and kitchen toys. Here are our picks for some of the best kids toys for 5-year-olds to play with!


Kids of all ages love playing with dollhouses! Dollhouses encourage children to use their imaginations and explore different scenarios. They also develop critical thinking skills, socialization, and empathy. So if you’re looking for a gift idea this holiday season that’s perfect for any little girl in your life, look no further than a dollhouse.

Baby Dolls

Young girls love babies, and they’re just too cute not to get your own baby! Cuddling up with them is one of the most relaxing and bonding activities there is. Young children need dolls to practice caregiving skills, nurture themselves when they feel insecure, and discover what happens on a new mom’s day.  When choosing a doll, it should be big enough to hold and cuddle with, but small enough that it won’t overwhelm the child.

Learning Toys 

One of the main goals of preschool development is to learn about themselves and their world. This includes how things work, which is perfect for learning to play with toy gadgets! Toys like puzzles, shape sorters, and building blocks all encourage problem-solving skills and coordination. 


It’s important to get a variety of shapes and colors to make it more interesting. They should be easy enough that your child can use them independently but challenging enough that they won’t get bored quickly. While parents should still supervise their child at all times around these toys, they are also good lessons in perseverance.

Building Toys

The most popular types of building toys typically have one purpose: to be constructed. Some toys require minimal parts, whereas others may involve more detailed, complicated kits with plenty of pieces that need to be assembled. 


It’s important to note that while some building blocks, like Legos and blocks by Play-Doh, have directions that come with them to help build a specific item, other sets do not come with instructions but rather pieces that can be put together in many different ways according to what you want it to become. There is no set way for how this type of toy should work, they are just blocks. Blocks can be used for constructing anything from cars and bridges to living spaces and houses.

Action Figures 

Playing with action figures also promotes imaginative play as well as a healthy creative process. Action figures are educational too! They inspire children to learn about our world and its place in it by showing them what people did in history. Aside from all of that, you can’t forget about fun.


We all need a break from reality and sometimes just goofing off for the sake of goofing off is exactly what we need to make it through another day! Playing with action figures can help children understand this important part of life, without even realizing it because they’re having so much fun!

Dress Up Costumes, Shoes, Wigs, and Props 

Dress-up costumes, shoes, wigs, and props can be fantastic options for this age group. Some of the most popular costumes with five-year-olds include a beautiful blue butterfly dress-up costume or the princess dress-up costume. These two sets make excellent birthday gifts or Easter presents and their vibrant colors will enchant your little one for hours on end. 

Pretend Play Sets and Accessories

Pretend play is a critical aspect of child development and allows them to express themselves in a safe, nurturing environment. Kids need space to grow and explore their imaginations by pretending they’re someone else or they’re in another setting. They develop interpersonal skills and gain a sense of confidence. 


When shopping for pretend play sets and accessories, parents should look for items that make dramatic impressions such as bright colors, sounds, reactions from other people around them, feelings of anger, fear, joy, or any other emotion that might help children understand more about themselves. Parents should also keep in mind the available space in their home before purchasing additional items since many sets take up an ample amount of floor space.

Sensory detail Toys 

The best toy is one that suits your child. Think about their personality and what they love to do, you’ll find a great toy. If your child loves listening to music, then perhaps a keyboard is a great idea. If they love making things and drawing, then an art set or Lego kit may be better. 


If they’re more interested in animals and bugs, then maybe a bug viewer or microscope might be more appropriate. Once you know what they like, think about how much space they have available, some toys need quite a lot of room to move around in! 


Building a bike is a great way to spend time with your child. Get them involved in the entire process and teach them something along by teaching them how to take care of a bike. The more they know about the different tools, gear, and general knowledge when it comes to bikes, the more they’ll be interested in learning. Not only will you have something you can do together during weekends or days off from school, but it’s going to lead to a better relationship between you two.


The best way to keep track of what most children want is by seeing what’s currently out of stock at their favorite store! That way you can figure out if it’s something that’s just out of season or whether it will be popular next year too. You can also search online if there’s something specific that you’re looking for. You never know when another store might have exactly the thing that your child wants!