Checklist before a large property renovation

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While renovating your home can transform your living space for the better and significantly increase property value, full-scale renovation is not a project to be underestimated. In order to keep costs low and ensure that the renovation is completed in a timely manner (and with minimal disruption to your everyday life), there are a range of factors to take into consideration before getting to work. If you’re planning a large-scale property renovation, consider taking these simple steps to minimise stress and ensure that the project goes according to plan:   

Get a survey: If you’re planning a large renovation job, it’s recommended that you hire a professional surveyor to do a thorough check of the property in question before taking any further action. A survey could unveil hidden problems with the property that could prove disruptive or damaging for your renovation project, including potentially dangerous issues related to health and structure. If you hire an expert surveyor who fails to notify you of serious problems in the home (such as the presence of rot, faulty wiring or asbestos), this could be cause for a professional negligence case.

Planning: When making arrangements for a large property renovation, thorough planning is of paramount importance. Make a comprehensive list of the renovations you wish to complete and then prioritise these according to cost and timeframe – it’s usually best to start with the more costly and time-consuming jobs (or those with the highest potential resale value if you’re renovating to make a quick sale). Consider the potential resources needed for each job and make alternative living arrangements ahead of time if your property will not be habitable during the renovation period.

Budgeting and finance: Once you’ve broken down the workload into sections and established your desired timeframe, it’s time to calculate a budget for the renovation based on your monthly income, expenditure and savings. Ensure that your budget is reasonable and that you can comfortably afford any potential renovation works – if you find that your budget is less than expected, extend the timeframe of the project and spread the cost out over a longer period.

Choosing the experts: It’s common for large-scale renovation jobs to overrun in terms of both time and budget, especially if you’re working alone in your spare time. No matter how experienced you may be in DIY home renovation, consider hiring expert assistance to ensure that your large-scale renovation is completed without a hitch. Try to factor professional services into your budget wherever necessary and ensure that you shop around when searching for contractors – get multiple quotes and check user reviews before hiring help.

Preparation: Before getting the work underway, ensure that you’ve made all of the necessary final arrangements to help the renovation go smoothly – this could include checking weather forecasts to plan external jobs, booking time off work and thoroughly tidying up and decluttering your home. Good luck with the renovation!