Thanksgiving Family Traditions You Don’t Want To Miss In 2023

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That time of the year is just around the corner when family, friends, festive tunes, sparkling lights, yummy food, and some wine is all you need. Thanksgiving reminds me of the smoky smell of freshly roasted turkey, the sweet scent of a baked pumpkin pie, and the sizzling of white wine. All these years we have come up with so many traditions to celebrate Turkey Day, from watching Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to cooking the famous Thanksgiving recipes to opening up Thanksgiving presents together.


If you are looking for some new thanksgiving ideas for family to make this holiday season memorable, then I have got you covered. I have compiled a list of some favorite Thanksgiving family traditions that will definitely spice up your holiday season. From turkey trot to Thanksgiving dinners, to movie marathons and so much more to make the most of Thanksgiving. 


These new Thanksgiving traditions are heartwarming and sure to make you feel ever grateful. These family thanksgiving traditions are fun and crafty and the best part is they are easy to organize. Add these traditions to your Thanksgiving celebration this year and they might just become some cherished additions.

Treasure Every Thanksgiving Memory Together

The season of Thanksgiving is when we all love to come together with family and friends and enjoy the spirit of the season. It’s the season of gratitude where we count all our blessings and extend gratitude to family and friends who have been around. 


Wouldn’t it be great to add a tradition that will make your Thanksgiving memories everlasting? From capturing the delicious food and you’re decked-up house to freezing that sparkle in your grandpa’s eye Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion to cherish your memories with your family. You can capture your Thanksgiving memories in photographs and preserve them in albums for later. But if you wish to go the extra mile then you can even embrace your family moment forever with a handmade painting. Here my personal favorite is a custom family portrait because that will capture the true essence of the season perfectly.

Don’t Miss Out on The Traditional Thanksgiving Meal

Is Thanksgiving even complete without the famous ritual of the traditional meal? So why not bring in friends and family and host a Thanksgiving dinner? You can even throw a separate Friendsgiving for your tribe. If the weather is in your favor you could even take the dinner outdoors. If you are tired of cooking the entire meal then you can even get it catered or even dine out with your people. 


The deliciousness you cannot miss out on Thanksgiving includes roast turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, bread stuffing, cornbread, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts, and some special Thanksgiving side dishes. Don’t miss out on having pumpkin pie for dessert. Food brings people together and this tradition will be the best addition to your 2023 Thanksgiving list.

Volunteer Together

The word Thanksgiving has the word ‘giving’ in it, so the season is also about sharing and giving good to the world. Thanksgiving family traditions are your chance to give back to your community and to all those who need help. There is no greater happiness than bringing joy to someone who really needs it. 


There are a lot of seasonal opportunities for volunteering and if you cannot find any you can even look around for volunteer opportunities in your area. It does not matter if you serve a charity supper or even run a turkey trot it’s the gesture behind it that matters after all. Make this a mandatory family tradition for Thanksgiving season and trust me you and your family will not just get to spend time with each other but also spread the joy of the season with others. 

Take a Thanksgiving Vacay

A vacation or a getaway is an ideal way for a family to spend some quality time together, away from the daily hustle and bustle. So why not go for a Thanksgiving vacation this year? Choose a destination that you all have been wanting to visit for a long time. If you cannot decide on a place you can also write a lot and pick a destination that gets the maximum votes.


This tradition for Thanksgiving could be the perfect opportunity for your family to bond. If someone is away then this vacation will be the best way to bring the family together for the season. You can even book a big family dinner on Thanksgiving night and make the occasion special.

Final Thoughts

Thanksgiving originated as a harvest festival and is one of the most celebrated holidays in the US. It’s that time of the year when you like to gather as one and reflect on the shortcomings and bring forth positivity and gratitude for all the things you have in life. These Thanksgiving day family traditions are some of my top picks for this year. Tell us about your favorite Thanksgiving traditions and why you love them so much. Until then greetings for the coming season!