Finding A Balance: Tips For a Busy Mom

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If you’ve had a child or multiple children; there’s no doubt about it, you’ll be busy. Lie-ins, long bouts of quiet time, and dropping everything to do something else on a whim, seem like very distant memories. However, it’s obviously a lot of fun too, and you wouldn’t have it any other way; apart from a bit more quiet time, maybe? As soon as you entered parenthood, you’ll have been chucked in at the deep end, and it’s more than likely that your priorities have completely shifted, along with a lifestyle change (whoever thought that kids would just slot into your life was very much mistaken!).


While parenting brings so many rewards; it also throws a lot of challenges at you. And, often, mothers can find creating a balanced life, between parenting, home life, working, and business, quite a strain (not to mention added pressure from social commitments and everything else). This can sometimes lead to mom guilt, worry, and anxious feelings towards your everyday life. Therefore it’s always worth exploring ideas that could enrich your life, take some weight off your shoulders, and achieve a better balance. You’re already doing such a great job; you deserve to feel a little more centered and at peace. The following are some tips for Moms who are craving some balance in their busy lives.



Invest In The Small Stuff To Help With The Big Stuff


It’s time to grab a coffee of your choice, a notebook, and a pen, oh and not forgetting a spare 15 minutes or so, if you’re able! It’s worth thinking about the areas in your life where you feel like you could really utilize a personal assistant; obviously, hiring one is probably not an option, so it’s time to think outside of the box. You might feel like everything is so overwhelming at times; however, there’ll always be a few key areas that are bringing you the most stress, and inducing worry that you just don’t want or need. These things often tilt your balance, in a negative direction.


So surely it’s worth writing these areas down, and be specific about what it is about them that take up way too much time, or you struggle to deal with; it’s just you in your notebook so get it all out! Once you’ve got to the root of any of these tasks or elements of your life; it’s time to explore ways to alleviate some of that pressure and time. This help and assistance can come in many forms! You might be able to utilize some software training to help you compartmentalize and record some of your work or business data. There are so many apps and platforms available now, it’s worth really getting to grips with something that will help you.


It could be that you invest in something physically practical, to help with your daily routines. If mornings are mayhem, and you dread getting up with the kids because nobody can ever find anything; think about areas of your home that can be used to organize items. Take some time one evening to label some containers to fill with specific things; easy to grab, last-minute items could be given a specific area in the home (by the door perhaps) so that mornings are a little more straightforward. 


Those little investments will really pay off and will have a snowball effect during the rest of your life, so they’re worth thinking about.


Treat Time Out For Yourself As A Necessity (Not just a luxury)


If your getaways, timeout from the kids, and moments to yourself doing something that’s just for you, are a rarity, or even non-existent; no wonder you’re frazzled and feeling the pressures of life so intensely! It’s time to ditch the mom guilt and think of some things that you’d love to do, just for yourself (get that notebook back out again). It doesn’t have to mean expensive vacations or shopping trips; it’s about ensuring that you’ve set aside some time each day or week, to indulge in what you really need and want to do.


A hot bath with a book could be something you look forward to; ensure that another adult understands that this time is completely for you, and you are not to be disturbed at any cost. Perhaps you’re craving a coffee and a catch-up with friends; book a couple of hours over each weekend, to go and see a friendly face, eat cake, and giggle! 


It might be the perfect time to enroll in that class you’ve been thinking about for so long. A class, where you’re learning something new, is the ideal way to regularly unwind, concentrate solely on the enjoyable task at hand, and leave any stress elsewhere for a while. Whatever it is will refresh you, ensure that you’ve centered yourself, and you’re ready for the days ahead as a busy mom.



Remember That The Household Is A Team


Teamwork makes the dream work! And what better team than the family that loves you. You all want the best for each other. However, it can often be easy to slip into habits, where you feel like you’d be better off doing everything yourself. This is not the case; it’s time to have a family chat and draw up some plans and timetables that will ensure every member of the family helps out with the running of the household.


Everything cannot always land on Mom’s lap, especially when it’s tasks that others are more than capable of. Giving the kids some extra responsibilities will be just as good for them, as it is for you; also chat with your other half when you’re feeling the strain. Often, people will not realize that you’ve been struggling, and are more than happy to help out with different things.


Learn To Say No If You Need To


It can be a challenge, but if a new request for something feels too much, and like it’s going to be detrimental to your well-being in any way; say no. It really is time to regain some of your balance, and the word no can be a powerful assistant in doing so.