Temu’s Newest Feature: Sitewide Deals For All Students

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A newly launched online shopping site Temu is priding itself on being able to provide customers with high-quality goods from top global suppliers at a very affordable price. Temu is a sister company of Pinduoduo –one of the biggest e-commerce companies in China. In 2021 alone, Pinduoduo is able to handle 61 billion in total orders! A very fantastic figure, especially considering that Pinduoduo was only founded in 2015.

This is the main reason why Temu can collaborate with a huge number of global suppliers and logistic partners, because Temu can tap into Pinduoduo manufacturers. With the help of these wonderful collaborators under its back, Temu can slowly but surely make true to its vision –to ensure customers can enjoy the convenience of shopping and the comforts of life.

To go one step closer in creating a convenient life and shopping experience, especially for customers who are still students, Temu offers all eligible students a 15% discount! A truly wonderful move that can help students in every way. From helping them to purchase their school needs, or things that support their hobby, and even helping them to be fashionable on a budget. Most students might not have a big amount of money to splurge on themselves. Thus, this discount will do wonders for all the students who need that!

Getting the benefit of this 15% discount is very easy! The only term and condition that you should have is obviously, being a student. You should also have a student email that you can use to create an account at www.temu.com. Once the student status has been confirmed and verified, the discount will instantly be applied to purchases. Students can take advantage of this 15% discount on Temu until they graduate.

Some products that might be useful for all students are, a fashionable sneaker ($8), a big shoulder bag ($6) that they can use to go to school, an eyeshadow palette ($0.98) for teenagers who are just starting to love makeup, and last but not least a lesson planner ($4) that can help them to arrange their daily schedule easily! Not only these products mentioned above, there are more things available on the site that students will definitely love to have!

Since it was launched in September, Temu has created some shopping policies under its platform which are very customer-centric. The student discount is only one of the many wonderful things that it has for the customers. Currently, Temu also offers free delivery without minimum order for everyone who shops through its platform. 

Check out Temu’s now and get the many benefits of this newly launched platform. Guarantee your shopping experience as Temu’s customers will definitely be wonderful!