Tips for Buying a Reliable Portable Power Station for Camping

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Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean your gadgets should go without power. A portable power supply can recharge your devices without interruptions. A device like Jackery can be used anywhere and keeps devices charged and unharmed when you’re using them outdoors. A portable power supply should have at least a couple of your needs covered. Here is a list of tips for buying a reliable portable power station for camping.


1. Portability


A portable power station should be light and easy to carry. You should also look at the size of the device. Get one compact enough to fit your car’s trunk or backpack without adding weight. A rechargeable power supply can make your camping trip better by keeping your devices at full charge. You should be able to carry the device anywhere you go.


2. Battery Capacity


The battery size of a portable power station can be measured in AH. The higher the number of amp hours, the longer you’ll be able to use it. The number of AHs can be determined by the battery size, which is usually located on the power supply. Most power stations have two settings; low and high.


3. Number of Outlets


The higher number of outlets means you’ll be able to charge multiple devices simultaneously. While camping, it is essential to consider the number of plugs your power supply station can hold. A multiple-outlet power supply will give you the power to charge all of these devices without switching them repeatedly. With a three-outlet model, you can have up to three devices plugged in. You can invest in a rechargeable power supply to avoid travel inconveniences.


4. Charging Options


You should look for your portable power station’s charging options. Some have a USB outlet that provides two-pronged power to charge your devices, while some provide a different option, like a solar port or an AC outlet. A two-pronged adapter can help you charge your devices by connecting them to the car lighter. On the other hand, you can use an AC outlet if you want to keep your device plugged in while charging.


5. Safety Features


You need to consider the safety measures of your portable power station. Look for a power supply that has a built-in circuit breaker. This will stop the flow of electricity if it detects anything wrong with your appliances. Some models may even shut off automatically if they overheat or experience other problems. This helps to extend the lifespan of the unit.


6. Surge Capacity and Output


A portable power station should also have an output and a surge capacity. This will help you charge your devices faster without waiting a long time. The larger the unit’s capacity, the more devices you can charge. You can usually find this information in the manual or product website.


7. Add-Ons


A power supply station should have convenient features. You can charge your devices while the station recharges itself. The automatic power-off feature helps prolong the life of your station because it can turn itself off when it detects any problem.


Your portable power station should have the features you need to make it a useful camping accessory. These tips will help you pick a product that is easy to carry and offers enough outlets to use your devices in close quarters.