5 Reasons Why Families Plant A Tree In Memory of Their Loved Ones

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From time immemorial, trees have had a significant role in the life of human beings. Think of fuel, fruits, shelter, climate, biodiversity, freshening air, and more. 

If not for trees, human beings would starve of the basic features of existence.

For this reason, a family might need to plant a tree to remember their loved ones. Memory trees symbolize the connection between the deceased and the family while acting as A Living Tribute for the present and future generations. In this article, we’ll discuss 5 reasons families plant a tree in memory of the deceased.

  1. Memory Trees Are A Living Monument

When a family loses their loved ones, they do not want to believe that the deceased is no more. As such, they must learn how to live without them while keeping their connection and love intact. Besides, memory trees are meant to aid the memory of the positive impacts the deceased has left on the planet.

Additionally, the variation in weather causes a tree to rustle and wither; serving animals and people signifies the seasons of life of the deceased. In this way, the deceased will be remembered year after year.

  1. Memory Trees Are A Sign Of Hope

This is the greatest reason a family will plant a tree in memory of their loved ones. It follows a belief that like trees’ seeds are buried into the soil and then sprout up and strengthen into huge trees, so is the case for the deceased; they have died, but the bereaved don’t have to lose hope of life.

Also, trees are used for shelter, shade, and landmarks, especially for weary travelers. Thus, these trees signify hope to the bereaved.

  1. Memory Trees Conserve The Environment

Trees are meant to benefit human beings by cleaning the air and producing clean air to absorb carbon dioxide. Besides, they are a home for wildlife, giving nutrients to the soil and cleaning the water. This constant process can continue even more when memory trees are planted.

In turn, the deceased, who aided the tree plantation, will have indirectly contributed to the planet’s diversity.

  1. Memory Trees Bring A Personal Touch With The Diseased

Either once or twice yearly, a family might visit the private garden where the memory tree has been planted. This visit might involve relatives who never attended the burial ceremony. During this time, as they enjoy the serene setting and nature, you can reflect on your relationship with the deceased and honor their legacy.

Also, the rustling of leaves brings a feeling of peace to the family for the passing of their loved ones.

  1. Memory Trees Help Celebrate The World

As stated earlier, planting a memory tree is a family gift to the deceased and symbolizes the life cycle. How? When a person dies, something new sprouts to replace the gone. As such, the tree you plant aids your sympathy while enabling you to celebrate the world.

Years and seasons pass while the tree strengthens and blossoms more. That will directly make the family celebrate the natural world.

Plant A Memory Tree Today

To respect the legacy and your relationship with the deceased, you might need to plant a tree in memory. These trees are a living tribute that will remain in the minds of the present generation and the generations to come. Most families adopt this culture to keep the relationship with the bereaved intact.