How To Lose Weight On A Budget

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Making the shift to a healthier lifestyle not only requires a dedicated mindset but also an understanding of weight loss psychology to effectively change old habits and introduce new routines like cooking and exercising.


Unfortunately, the process is also often associated with an increase in costs (think expensive equipment, gym memberships, workout outfits, nutritional coaching, organic ingredients, natural weight loss supplements, personal training, and more).  You get the idea.  


But guess what?  Weight loss and a healthy lifestyle don’t have to correlate with a hit to your pocketbook.  Below are seven simple tips and tricks that can have you saving money and toning up simultaneously.  Yes, really.  


Workout Using Free Resources

Fitness classes at the gym are great.  But you know what else is awesome?  A jog at the park with a friend (free), a yoga video workout in your sunny living room (free), or a swim at your local public pool (cheap).  Making a workout pact with friends can be a satisfying way to keep you accountable to your goals and also discover fun fitness resources on the internet together.  Spend time outside, create a dedicated workout space in your home, and get active!


Reduce Restaurant Meals

Did you know that research has shown a direct link between eating out and weight gain?  Plus, restaurants are expensive.  Reducing restaurant meals (including fast food excursions) is a perfect starting point for losing weight on a budget.  This choice alone can be a game-changer!


Cook In Bulk

One of my personal favorites.  When you see healthy ingredients on sale at a great price, dive right in!  Cook up some big batches of weight-loss-friendly recipes, divide them into diet-compliant portions, and then freeze them for the future.  Cooking in bulk is a time and money saver that’s also a perfect weight loss solution.  Consider it for breakfasts and snacks as well as entrees.  


Eat With The Seasons

Even if you’re not a farmer’s market regular, you can still save money by eating with the seasons.  Fresh produce and meat is always cheaper when it’s in season, so plan your menu accordingly.  


Keep Your Hunger In Check

Ever gone grocery shopping when you were starving?  Me too.  And we both probably came home with twice as much food as we needed.  Eating small, healthy snacks throughout the day can keep you from overshopping and overeating.  It’s a perfect way to keep your food consumption intentional, controlled, and on budget.  


Limit Investment In Weight Loss Drugs & Supplements

Notice I said limit, not eliminate entirely.  While some people lose weight easily, others find more success with a little help from supplements.  But trying product after product can be emotionally, physically, and financially draining. 


Stick to supplements and weight loss drugs that are approved and recommended by your doctor.  Try one at a time (doubling up can be dangerous as well as expensive), and opt for drugs that are covered by your insurance plan, if possible.  


Ozempic (Semaglutide) is one prescription drug that has recently garnered a lot of media attention.  For information about how and where to inject Ozempic, speak with your primary healthcare provider.  


The Take-Away

Losing weight definitely doesn’t have to break the bank.  Stick to the tips and tricks in this post, and your scale and wallet will both thank you!