Where to buy a flat to have the possibility to soak up the sun at the best beaches in Dubai? 

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Dubai’s impeccable beaches are one of its major selling points. In fact, the whole Island is fashioned around an artificial replication of the sea lifestyle (without the hassles usually attached to it, of course). Just like a scene of the remarkable blue lake lagoon, residents and visitors of Dubai can live the life of the ocean and enjoy its positives without being burdened with survival or coastal threats. An ocean completely under control and residences that mimic the world’s best luxuries.

If the world is willing to face it, it will realise that 2/3rd of Dubai’s visitors want to see the Beach, bathe in its aura and enjoy the coastal life. Some may come for different purposes, but seeing the beaches is an additional pleasure.

Read on to learn the best locations where you can buy a flat and enjoy the beaches in Dubai. Are you ready to soak up the sun at the best beaches? 


Best Beaches in Dubai – Locations to watch out for 

Here are some of the locations to watch out for if you are anticipating life on Dubai’s beaches. Once you find a suitable vacancy in these areas, do not hesitate to seize it.


The Jumeirah Beach Resort Open Beach 

Beach areas are generally of two kinds, open beaches where you could lounge with no ownership claims and private beach areas to which you must be invited. These private beach areas are often restricted or closed in some way (except the owner has a liberal policy). Private beach areas often adjoin villas and detached duplexes, as the case may be.

The Jumeirah Beach Resort Open Beach is one of those free beaches that anyone can visit, enjoy, and lounge with no questioning whatsoever. It is the largest Beach in the whole of Dubai and is highly rated amongst visitors and locals. It lies pretty at the shores of the ocean and stretches across the Palm. It is really great to pack up your sunbathing gear and lounge at the JBR; it is a perfect cost-friendly option to relax.

There are many hotels adjoining the JBE Beach, likewise food vendors and amenities stores. The JBR beach is a perfect place if you are looking for property to buy in Palm Jumeirah.


The Kite Beach

The kite beach is the next most popular spot to sunbathe in the shades of the hot sun while the sweet breeze of the ocean caresses the skin. This seemingly simple kayaking spot has mended hearts and reawakened hope. It is common to find kites set to lose in the sky or kayakers taking lessons; you could also find some cold spots along Kite Beach. 

Lastly, the most important fact that actually made Kite Beach popular is the upbeat food trucks and lively nightclubs that decorate the shores of Kite Beach. Singles, families, couples and even companies host their events and sports along Kite Beach. It is nicknamed the Beach that is always alive.


The 4×4 Beach

If you are looking forward to a private and solitary beach experience and you have a ride to take you, the four by 4 Beach is perfect for you. Unlike the Kite Beach, which appears to have everything you could ever wish for, from clubs to pubs, to volleyball courts and restaurants, the 4 x 4 beach is quiet, peaceful and calm. You can see other busier beaches from 4×4 and get a glimpse of the city. The downside of sunbathing in Dubai’s four by 4 Beach is that there is a loo, toilet or any snacking shop where you can get items should you need them. So, it is advisable to go prepared in a picnic style if you will be checking out this Beach.


The Mercato Beach 

Next on the list of the best beaches to sunbathe in Dubai is Mercato Beach. The vibe here is lively, busy, and tranquil at the same time. It is frequented by many sea lovers, so if you go on a weekend, you may find castles and leftover sand works on the shores. Luckily, Mercato Beach is only a stone’s throw from the Mercato Mall, and that gives people more options for fun as they may decide upon getting there.


The Marina Beach 

No review is complete without an inclusion of the Marina Beach. This is another beautiful beach open to the public in Dubai. It stands out for the amazing maintenance cultures and the facilities and games which makes it attractive to all.

Being public beaches, you can get property and buy flats around the area with no hinderances and at lesser cost!



According to Ax Capital, it is easier to target property close to public beaches as they are likely to be more affordable than private ones. There are other public beaches, such as Al Mamzar Park, Jebel Ali Public Beach, sunset beach and La Mer beach, etc. Other private beaches are accessible in the form of club membership or ownership.