5 Warning Signs Your Designer Shoes are in Desperate Need of TLC

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Upping your sartorial game is about paying attention to everything you wear, including your shoes. Did you know that the average spending on shoes is $400 a year? And if you’re a designer shoe fanatic, that number will probably be much higher. That sounds whopping, right? But you’ll hardly have regrets if you love luxury.

However, your pricey kicks deserve some special attention to stay looking fresh and gorgeous. So be ready to invest in some TLC over the years, and you’ll make your investment last longer. Also, watch out for warning signs that your luxe pairs require expert attention. Here’s some pro advice on the signs you need to pay heed to.

Sign #1- Scuffs and scratches

Well, they’ll hardly seem like a big deal! But scuffs and scratches can ruin the whole look of your footwear and shorten its lifespan. So it’s time to get to work and invest in good quality leather cleaner and polish. 

Also, check how you store your pairs. If you stack them or place them in a tight space, you definitely need to think better. 

Sign #2- Worn-out soles

Next up, look out for worn-out soles! If you’ve been strutting around in your designer pair for a while, the soles may not be in good shape. Worn-out soles are more than an aesthetic concern. They may also be dangerous, as they can cause slip and fall mishaps. 

Pay attention to the sign, and take your shoes to a cobbler. A replacement job is enough to give the pair a new lease on life.

Sign #3- Stubborn stains

Shoes bear the brunt of spills and stains over time. You may accidentally step into a puddle or spill your coffee over them. So you may have to deal with stubborn stains more often than you imagine. Some stains may go with DIY, while the stubborn ones are the real troublemakers.

 Well, you’ve got an easy solution. Search for shoe cleaning near me, and you’re good to go. Let a professional do the job because your luxury pairs require delicate care with the right cleaning materials and techniques.

Sign #4- Foul smells

We’ve all been there ladies – you take off your footwear and the smell hits hard. That’s a warning sign! But fear not, combating stinky shoes is simpler than you imagine. Give them time to air out after wearing them. 

Don’t just throw them in a shoe rack or a closet- let them stay in a well-ventilated area for a few hours. Using a deodorizer and sprinkling some baking soda also help absorb any lingering odors.

Sign #5- Uneasy fits

And finally, the fit is another sign you must pay attention to. If your shoes are too tight or loose, you’ll have to deal with more than discomfort. Besides causing friction blisters and shoe bites, a wrong fit can damage footwear over time. 

So, if you seem to have issues with the fit, take the pair to a professional to get them resized according to your needs.

Your designer shoes are worth the investment, ladies! But they need some love and care to look new. So, keep an eye on these signs and deal with them. And when in doubt, take them to a pro!