What shoes should be in a woman’s wardrobe? Basic set of shoes that every woman should have

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In the wardrobe of every woman, as a rule, there are quite a lot of different shoes. After all, under this or that outfit you need to wear a certain model of shoes or boots. But despite this diversity,

Often, girls are faced with the problem of choice, and thus with financial costs. To avoid this, you need to properly equip your own shoe wardrobe and Verali Shoes will kindl help you with that offering a wide range of different stylish models.

First of all, you need to purchase stylish black pumps. This shoe model is a must in a women’s wardrobe. It is best if these shoes have a classic narrow toe and a heel no more than eight centimeters. It should be noted that the higher the price of such shoes, the more expensive the overall appearance of the image will be.

The second is evening shoes. It is desirable to choose such shoes with a closed toe and high heels. As for the material, black satin would be the most suitable. You can wear these shoes with any outfit, but this is best done in combination with tights.

Loafers are another shoe model that should be present in the wardrobe of a modern and stylish girl. Autumn is considered the most suitable period for wearing them. It is desirable to wear such shoes when creating a classic style. Do you wear socks with loafers? The answer is yes. But, despite this, they harmoniously look with jeans, shorts and mini-dresses. Those who prefer a sporty style are best to pay attention to boots with a small heel.

Among other things, the wardrobe should be replenished with high-heeled ankle boots. These shoes are considered a great option for a combination with trousers. This combination will help create a continuous leg line. But to achieve a positive result, it is necessary to properly maintain the color scheme of the image.

Mandatory elements of the basic women’s wardrobe are high winter boots in black. Such models can become the main ones in the shoe wardrobe of every woman. To achieve this result, boots, like black pumps, need to be chosen from high-quality and expensive material. In addition, before buying this type of shoe, you need to pay attention to the line from the feet to the ankles. This will make it possible to prevent possible squeezing of the leg. It is best if the free distance is a little less than one centimeter.

In addition to high boots, you need to replenish your personal wardrobe with autumn low-heeled models. To do this, you can purchase shoes of a jockey or running type. You can wear it both for a walk and for a party. Despite everyday use, low-heeled ankle boots are able to maintain a sophisticated appearance for a long time.

Must-have purchases include boots for bad weather. When choosing this type of footwear, you need to start from the region of residence. It is best to pay attention to rubber models. Those who prefer leather shoes should choose options made with rubber flat soles or wedges.

Evening high boots are another type of footwear that should be present in a modern women’s wardrobe. Models that have a pointed toe in a classic style and large heels look the most advantageous. These boots look harmoniously complete with a pencil skirt. To complete the look, you can use a shawl or a stylish top. Also, this model goes well with a chiffon open dress.

An equally important footwear in the summer wardrobe are sandals. Such models are best bought with high heels. As for their shade, silver or gold sandals are suitable for everyday use. You can wear them in combination with sundresses, jeans or long evening dresses.

Sandals are considered the most comfortable for urban and beach walks. It is best to have two pairs of such shoes. One in rubber for the beach, and the other in leather or suede for everyday use. Thanks to a wide variety of shades, sandals can be combined with absolutely any thing that is in the wardrobe. It is desirable to complement the created image with the help of an original necklace or bag. But to achieve the most harmonious combination, accessories must match the main shades of shoes. Widen your collection as you browse to Shoe Time and give justice to your outfit and slay the a your own way.

Ballet flats are another essential footwear. Such models are able to give an elegant appearance to the entire created image. In addition, they are considered the most versatile for everyday use. Because of this, picking up things for them is not difficult.

Equally important is sports shoes. Stylish girls are best to buy sneakers in silver, gold or bronze. this will make it possible to use them throughout the summer season. Those who want to replace this shoe model should pay attention to slippers or espadrilles. In addition, at least one pair of thick sneakers must be present in the wardrobe. It is those girls who have the entire range of these shoes that will never think about which model to wear under this or that outfit. Of course, occasionally you need to purchase exclusive types of shoes. This will allow you to modify the created image.