Look Good For Less: Building Your Wardrobe On A Budget

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In an age of fast fashion, one of the most important things for the thrifty fashionista is to choose her clothing wisely. While cheap clothes can seem like a smart choice when there’s not much money in your wallet, the fact is that they deteriorate quickly and will need to be replaced. 


High-end items on the other hand, though they may seem pricey, will last exponentially longer. By knowing when to splurge on wardrobe items, you’ll quickly find you actually save in the long-run.


Don’t Compromise On Kicks


Whether you’re buying heels for work or a new pair of athletic sneakers, it’s always worth spending a little more to get great quality shoes. That’s because not only will low quality shoes wear out quickly, but they don’t offer the necessary support to prevent foot, ankle, and even back problems. In other words, if you opt to scrimp on shoes, you’ll end up paying the difference in medical bills.


Buy A Better Bag


There’s no real advantage to buying a fancy designer bag – they’re marked up for the name, not the quality – but that doesn’t mean you should buy an inexpensive bag to carry to work or during other major activities. Rather, choose a good quality bag, like a leather bucket bag, that will last you for years with proper care. What’s more, a simple leather bag never goes out of style, so you won’t feel pressure to replace it because it’s not “trendy” anymore.


Just Right Jeans


Every woman knows that finding the perfect pair of jeans is easier said than done. They’re also just fairly expensive to begin with, at least if you want to buy a pair even approaching quality. That’s why, when you find a pair of jeans you really love, it’s worth paying a premium for them. You might even want to buy an extra pair or two, since they may no longer be available by the time you need a new pair.


Your Classic Coat


Much like a great bag, your winter coat should be a timeless piece that you wear for years – even decades, and it also needs to be functional. A good way to achieve this balance is by selecting a sturdy coat made with wool and by buying right after the winter holidays when coats go on sale. Longer coats are also a good buy because the added length keeps drafts off when winter winds whip through. 


Whie there’s always a place for a few inexpensive items in your wardrobe, especially when it’s something you’ll only wear a few times or will toss on to work around the house on the weekends, buying quality is cheaper than it seems. After all, you can’t wear pants worn thin at the knee to work or shirts spotted with tiny holes from washing, and that’s exactly what happens to most inexpensive items from the mall – and in record time. As they say, you get what you pay for, and when you pay for quality, you get items that last and continue to look great for years to come.