7 Advantages of Pursuing a PTLLS Course

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If you want to start a career in teaching, you’ll need to start somewhere. Taking a Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) course is a great way to start (or reestablish) a teaching career. The course teaches skills, formats, and techniques that help train and educate at a professional level. 


The PTLLS Course is for beginners and professionals who have a background in teaching but want to upskill. The subject matter includes techniques in teaching topics such as health, technology, and personal care.

Advantages of Pursuing a PTLLS Course

If you are a professional looking to add skills and knowledge, a PTLLS course is a perfect way to career development. Studying the PTLLS course is now easier through online learning. Many providers offer the course in self-paced learning so students can learn at their own time and pace.


Aside from more career options, having knowledge in teaching can help you with job security. With more and more students needing training and education, there will always be a demand for teachers. Taking a PTLLS course provides you with teaching credits to start with. 

Who Can Take PTLLS?

Unlike university, PTLLS courses have a laxer set of requirements. The basic requirements are for a student to be 19 years of age and above, have basic reading and writing skills and have access to the internet. There’s no need for a background in teaching or any other field. Other programs may have other requirements, such as videos and essays. 


There are no prerequisites to taking the course, such as existing degrees and credits. Learners who qualify are welcome to enroll in the course. 


Here are more reasons why taking a PTLLS course can be good for your career. 

Better Career Options. 

Once you’ve decided that teaching is for you, you can start by enrolling in teaching courses. You would need certain credits to be able to get a good start, and a great way to do this is with a PTLLS course. Think of it as a foundation course in teaching.


Taking a PTLLS course makes shifting careers easier since it provides great teaching and training knowledge. Even if your anticipated change in career is still in a few years, the course can serve as a good foundation for your new career or a great supplement to your current one. 

It Doesn’t Take as Long

It’s easy to think teaching courses could take years to finish. A PTLLS course can give you the teaching credits you need in a few months or weeks. This is perfect for professionals who want to start a teaching career soon. 


A PTLLS course doesn’t need long hours of study. You can get your certification as soon as you finish the course or a few weeks after in some cases. Aside from getting a PTLLS certification, completing a PTLLS course qualifies you for a Level 4 CET or a Level 5 DET. 


Learn at Your Own Pace

Aside from having the convenience of remote learning, online learning for PTLLS courses give you the opportunity to learn at your own pace. With self-paced learning, there’s no need to rush lessons and chase schedules. You can learn at a pace conducive to you and your commitments. 


Self-paced learning eliminates the pressure to keep up with the rest of the class, giving students more time to focus on lessons. There are little to no worries about being left behind because the student sets the pace. This is perfect for students who work during the day. 


The Qualification is Recognized in Many Fields

The Level 3 certificate lets you teach in many different fields. These areas include technology, healthcare, academe, and education. Being knowledgeable in teaching different types of disciplines makes you a versatile educator and opens up more opportunities for your career.

It Takes You Up the Corporate Ladder

Not everyone who upskills is looking for a career shift. Some jobs need a certain level of proficiency to be promoted. In teaching, tenure is earned through job experience and additional credentials.


Taking a PTLLS course is a great way to up your chances at a promotion. Having more knowledge means you can take on more responsibilities that are limited to people with advanced qualifications.

It Keeps Your Mind (And Your Skills) Sharp. 

Many years on the job can either sharpen your skills or wear you out. It’s always a great brain exercise to continue learning new things. If you have been teaching for a long time, maybe taking new courses can refresh your knowledge.


Learning more about your field is always a great way to keep your skills sharp. New things are discovered and studied every day, and it won’t hurt to update what you already know. Taking courses can help you keep up with what’s new in teaching and other areas. 

Good for Personal and Professional Development

Learning new things improves your perspective. Learning a new discipline opens your mind to new ideas and concepts, as different disciplines each require their own level of understanding. Being knowledgeable in many different areas helps widen your perspective. 


If you come from a different industry and now study teaching, taking a PTLLS course helps you gain the perspective of an educator. It helps you understand the thought processes different than yours and gives you a sense of responsibility in effectively imparting knowledge to others. 

More to Gain

Continuing education gives both beginners and professionals a better chance at a great career. Upskilling and getting more certifications to help you be dynamic and competitive in the ever-changing job market. 


But aside from the competition, learning should be for learning’s sake. There is always something useful to learn every day. More and more theories are discovered and proven as days go by. 


Taking a PTLLS course can open up many opportunities for you and your career. Whether it’s teaching or working in other industries, additional knowledge and certifications can take your career very far by making you capable of more.