5 Essential Benefits of Installing EV Chargers at Home

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Are you planning to buy an electric vehicle or an EV? Or do you already have one? When owning an EV, you should also invest in installing EV chargers at home.


In technical terms, electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), or EV chargers, are supply equipment you see onboard an EV. The EV charger is not the actual charger that you may think of. Rather, it is a charging station with two different levels of hardware.


If you are looking for an EV charger at home, you can find one at https://www.revcharge.com.au/ and have them install it at your house. To understand better why you need an EV charger installed at your home, here are five essential benefits that will convince you.

1. Cost-efficient

Electric cars are starting to dominate the automotive market and the road nowadays. But charging stations for EVs are still a work in progress. You can only find a few charging stations on the road. And another problem is, what if no charging stations are on your route?


Because of the lack of charging stations for EVs, the recharging rate in these stations is still unstable. Some stations offer a much lower rate, while others offer a higher price.


The varying prices for recharging EVs often confuse drivers, and they cannot decide on a fixed budget they will need whenever they want to top up their vehicles.


But what if you can lessen your worries and have an EV charger at your home? Can you save more frequently than visiting charging stations?


You may think buying an EV and installing a personal EV charger at home can cost you a fortune. But considering long-term expenses, having an EV charger at home can help you save your budget more. Your vehicle can often go full charge and run longer and farther.

2. Convenient

It is possible to encounter an EV charging station with no available ports. And what’s worse, there are also limited charging stations that accommodate the increasing number of EVs on the road.


What if you must recharge your vehicle and your destination is too far? Or what if there are no charging stations for EVs on your route? Will you change your path and waste more battery energy in your vehicle?


The solution for this problem is an EV charger at your home. If you have one installed at your house, you can top-up the vehicle’s battery before heading out anytime. You also don’t need to worry about if there are no charging stations or nearby ones you can pass on the road.

3. Environmental-friendly

Driving electric vehicles is already environmental-friendly compared to those powered by fuels or gasoline. But many people still consider it can cost damage to the environment because of the frequent charging that also consumes energy and carbon footprint.


If environmental awareness is also your concern, you can choose smart EV chargers. As its name implies, these smart EV chargers have smart features you can control on your smartphone.


One of the amazing features of using a smart EV charger is that you can schedule when to start and end the charging session. If you are quite forgetful, this is a plus factor. You won’t need to worry about leaving your EV behind charging since it will automatically stop.


Also, for those already using sustainable electrical sources for their homes, an EV charger will help you save more on your electric consumption. If solar panels run your electricity, you can schedule charging during the afternoon when it has already stored enough energy.


You may need to spend and invest more to own a smart EV charger. But, again, if you think about long-term expenses, you can cut back your electrical bill charges. And no energy will come to waste.

4. Safer to Use

Another essential benefit of owning an EV charger at home is that you can keep your EV from the messy ports of the charging stations.


Since EV charging stations are for public use, it is possible to encounter damaged ports and other messy equipment. If you use these ruined ports and connect them to your EV, it can also cause damage to your vehicle.


But if you have an EV charger at home, you can ensure it is safer than public charging stations. You are the only one that can use it. As long as you keep it well-maintained and follow the proper usage, you can also ensure that it won’t cause any damage to your EV.

5. Time-saving

Lastly, EV chargers can also help you save time. Aside from money and energy, time is vital when charging electric vehicles.


Since you own an EV charger at your house, you can always expect a full charge battery before driving. You can schedule your EV at night if you need to leave early in the morning.


There is no need to worry if you need a stopover in a charging station during the day since yours still have the energy to run.


As a result, you can use that time to do other important tasks or errands or reach farther destinations. Remember that charging an EV requires a lot of time. So it is a plus factor, especially if you are busy and always on the go.

Install An EV Charger At Home Now!

As an electric vehicle driver, installing an EV charger at your home is a valuable investment. Owning one will not just help you save time, money, and energy. An EV charger can also provide you with the convenience of avoiding lining up at charging stations.


At first, buying an EV charger may cost you a fortune. But if you already have a reliable and sustainable electrical source at home, you can guarantee that an EV charger will help you lessen your long-term expenses. So if you are up to saving both your time, money, and the environment, installing an EV charger is the best choice.