DIY Decorating Ideas with Bulk Eucalyptus

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Eucalyptus is an evergreen tree or shrub of the myrtle family. The genus includes more than 700 plant species, most of which are native to Australia. It is one of the fastest-growing and largest trees in the world. Currently, eucalyptus leaves and branches are widely used for bouquets and festive decorations as greenery filler. At FiftyFlowers, you can buy real eucalyptus to use as a filler for your flower arrangements. You can find traditional green shades of eucalyptus, from pale green and silver green to deep emerald, and some more unique colors like purple and red. Eucalyptus has a sweet minty scent that is sure to make your floral arrangements smell fantastic. FiftyFlowers offers eucalyptus in bulk of various sizes and prices, depending on the variety of eucalyptus you choose.


Where to use bulk eucalyptus

Any celebration can be made special and spectacular not only with the help of a huge number of fresh flowers but also with the help of greenery. True, you will also need a huge amount of it, but you will spend much less money. Greenery is a filler for bouquets, which makes them look more lush and solid. The idea of using only greenery became very relevant when eco-chic, organic, botanical, boho, and rustic celebrations came into fashion. Decorators suggest that with the right techniques, a total green look can be used for celebrations of any style: modern urban chic, glamor, vintage, or classic.

Since the wholesale eucalyptus is presented in various shades, ranging from silver to burgundy-green, it is not difficult to create a dynamic living wall of greenery for a photo zone. Several flower arrangements will add even more color to this picturesque canvas.

Any space, be it a hotel ballroom, a restaurant room, or a gazebo in an outdoor setting, can be transformed into an unusual space with the help of greenery. The style can be any; the greenery is rather democratic and will adapt to any choice of the decorator. For example, ceiling and wall decoration is the main technique that can be done inexpensively with the help of green stems of eucalyptus. As well as the smaller festive decorations, such as little candle wreaths or centerpieces on the guest tables, will add an elegant touch and sweet minty aroma to your event.

Few ideas for wedding decorations

  • The eucalyptus wedding arch has become a classic. A bridal wreath made of fresh flowers and a lace dress — boho chic inspiration is at your fingertips.
  • An exit to the ceremony can be decorated with a garland of silver eucalyptus branches. It looks beautiful and has a pleasant fragrance. You can skip the flowers, and your event will look stylish.
  • An eye-catching eucalyptus candelabrum for the wedding ceremony area and long garlands of greenery. You can add a couple of pots with dwarf trees, and the urban wedding eco-chic is ready at a minimal cost.
  • Use several types of eucalyptus and a couple of pastel colors for the bridal bouquet. A bride with such a bouquet will be immediately noticed by all wedding bloggers!
  • Since greenery and filler flowers are much cheaper than the standard flower arrangements used at a wedding, you can make similar bouquets not only for the bride but also for all the bridesmaids. Or allow the bridesmaids to have different dresses and make the bouquets the same from a beautiful set of greenery. In this case, the bride’s bouquet is recommended to be assembled to match her dress.
  • If you are organizing a wedding under a tent, a wicker ceiling made of greenery is a great decorative move to surprise your guests.
  • If your wedding ceremony is planned in the garden, complement the pure beauty of nature with a garland of bulk eucalyptus of different shades. There is nothing better than a century-old branchy tree to hold a touching wedding ceremony under.