Moving Long Distances? Here’s How to Get Organized

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Long-distance moves bring on excitement and nervousness. Planning for such a move takes time and effort. Proper planning makes the difference between high stress levels and peace of mind. Helpful planning tips will assist movers in reaching their destinations safely.

Tips for Long-Distance Moves

Whether across town or the country, a move is a significant undertaking. With so many chores, many people become overwhelmed by the process. One of the first steps individuals should consider is hiring long distance movers. These experts specialize in making moves less of a headache. Those planning a long-distance move should think about the following tips.

Create a List of Tasks

In the haste of wanting to finish moving chores, many people forget the integral tasks necessary to prepare for the big day. Creating a to-do list helps people stay on track and avoid forgetting essentials. Some things will happen immediately, and others will occur throughout the moving process. Ideally, individuals should write a list and create a timeline, giving themselves reasonable time to complete each task before moving on to the next.

Evaluate Everything

Moving gives people the opportunity to go through their belongings and remove what they do not need. Decide what to keep, throw away, and donate. Getting the trash and donated items out of the way first will make way for smoother packing processes. Hiring long distance movers to help you with the packing process can also lighten your load significantly. Without the extras, individuals can focus on each task and meet it head-on.

Pack Carefully

Proper packing is essential with any move but is even more critical with a long-distance transfer. Pack breakables securely, using bubble wrap and paper to cushion the blows that will likely happen on the road. Label each box with its contents, and mark fragile items appropriately.

Get Insurance and Appraisals

While this step may be unnecessary with an in-town move, never overlook it with a long-distance one. Find receipts and make copies for all large appliances and electronics. Check to ensure all items are covered by the homeowner’s insurance policy. Valuable items owned for a long time should be appraised for their current values before the move in case anything goes wrong and damage occurs.

Additional Helpful Tips for Long-Distance Moves

Realize that the moving process is never going to go seamlessly. There will almost always be hiccups along the way. Use the following tips to minimize upsets in the moving process.

  • Ensure additional time for unexpected issues such as sickness, flight delays, car failures, and other concerns.
  • Plan the transportation of pets to the new home safely. Make boarding arrangements for the pets for the first few days to allow time to unpack and settle in the new home.
  • Submit a change of address to the United States Postal Service two weeks before the move.
  • Prepare for large appliance and furniture placement in advance. Draw a sketch for reference.

Get Started on Your Long-Distance Move Today

Moving to a new place is both exciting and stressful. With so many things to do, there is always the possibility of forgetting critical details. Having a detailed plan in place is crucial for moving success. Getting started as soon as possible gives you plenty of time for each task so you will not feel rushed.

Hiring professional help makes long-distance moves more bearable. Professional insight into packing and transporting will give you peace of mind throughout the process.