FREE Guardians Snack Adventure Kit from Hello Fresh on May 1st at 12pm EST

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On May 1st at 12PM ET, Hello Fresh will be giving away a limited number of FREE Guardians Snack Adventure Kits! This will be available to the first 166 (first come, first served basis) who enter.

  • Mango Milky Fizz: soon to make its debut in Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, this fruity, bubbly and coconut-milk-creamy drink delights with a subtly sweet finish (serving size: 2)
  • Zarg Nut Bites: savor the snack made famous by the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise: an epic blend of crunchy and nutty flavors with chocolate chips, and a gentle kick of sweet thai chili (serving size: 20 pieces)