7 Tips You Should Follow to Avoid Rideshare Accidents

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Today, rideshare services have become increasingly popular, and rightly so, because of their accessibility and convenience. However, close to their popularity is their involvement in accidents. To put it into perspective, one in four accidents in medium and large cities in America is rideshare related. 

This statistic tells you one thing, prioritize your safety while in traffic. When you or someone you value is involved in a rideshare accident, you might be within your legal rights to file a rideshare accident claim. However, to successfully recover compensation for all possible claims, you need the expertise and experience of a rideshare accident lawyer.

This article will discuss seven tips you should follow to avoid rideshare accidents.

  • First, opt for a reputable rideshare company

So many rideshare companies offer their services to you; however, to get to your destination safely, you will have to choose the right ride. Therefore, stick with the most reputable company. Take your time to find out each company’s track record before deciding on the one you feel is right.

After you have identified it, stick to it each time you travel.

  • Second, verify the driver and vehicle details

Before getting into your ride, verify if the drivers are who they say they are. Look at their names, photos, and licenses. Also, make sure the car is registered with the right rideshare company. Ensure that the car details are exactly as they are on the rideshare app, including their color.

  • Third, wait for your ride in a safe location

When you request your ride, always wait for it to arrive in a secure, well-lit location. Avoid waiting for your driver in locations that might expose you to danger. For example, don’t stand in areas with heavy traffic.

  • Fourth, share travel details with a trusted individual

The rideshare app has a built-in feature that allows you to share your ride details with another person. Sharing your details will allow another party to monitor the movement of your ride in real time. As a result, they will know your whereabouts for every second of your journey.

  • Fifth, wear your seatbelt

Immediately after you get into your ride, buckle up. Always wear your seatbelt when you get into a rideshare. According to statistics, of the 23,824 passengers who lost their lives in road accidents in 2020, 51% ignored wearing their seat belts.

  • Sixth, trust your guts

If you have constant feelings telling you not to take a certain ride or trust a particular driver, stay away from them. You can always cancel the ride and request another when you are uncomfortable with one. Also, make sure to report any discomfort during your ride to the rideshare company.

  • Lastly, avoid distractions

Whether you are the driver or the passenger, avoid engaging in behaviors that may distract you on the road. Do not talk on the phone while in traffic because doing so might get your mind off the road, causing problems for you and other motorists. Maintain awareness of your surroundings throughout the trip. 

In summation, being overly critical of your safety while riding in a rideshare will help you avoid severe accidents. Even as rideshare services grow in size and popularity, it is beneficial to follow the above seven practices to maximize your safety.

Therefore, choose a reputable rideshare service provider, verify your driver’s credibility, wait for your ride in safe locations, share travel details with a close family member or trusted friend, buckle up your seat belt, and avoid disturbing the driver during the entire trip.

Always make your safety a priority when using rideshare services.