Do I need to hire an attorney after an Uber accident?

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New York residents are increasingly turning to rideshare programs like Uber and Lyft as reliable means of transportation throughout the metropolitan area. They are relatively quick, convenient, and affordable. Plus, utilizing rideshare services allows many residents to avoid purchasing vehicles or riding on subways without sacrificing their freedom. 

As the number of rideshares on New York’s roadways increases, so too does the number of serious automobile accidents. Uber and Lyft average around 100 fatalities annually, and nearly 60 percent of those fatalities are from third-party passengers or other drivers on the road. When these accidents occur, victims partner with skilled Uber accident attorneys to help them recover financial compensation for the damages they suffered. 

Immediately Following an Uber Accident

There are three important things you should always do immediately following an Uber accident. First, seek medical attention. Take the time to let emergency personnel review your injuries, even if you think they are minor. If your body is in shock, you may not feel them right away. 

Second, take note of potential witnesses or additional victims on the scene if you are able. It helps to trade contact information only and don’t make any statements about the accident to anyone except the responding officer, who must file a report. If you can snap any pics with your smartphone, they may help too. 

Third, consult with experienced Uber accident attorneys immediately after receiving medical care. You will likely be contacted by insurance companies who may want to take a statement or offer you a check. Don’t make any statements, they will use your words against you. If they are offering you a check, then you likely have a strong personal injury claim. 

Level the Playing Field

Uber often denies culpability for injuries sustained in accidents involving drivers on the job. Uber drivers are hired as independent contractors and must carry their own automobile insurance. However, Uber does provide additional coverage while drivers are actively transporting fares. The circumstances surrounding your accident will help determine exactly who is at fault and which insurance companies can be held financially responsible. 

You better believe that Uber and the Uber driver both will have skilled representation. Actually, their insurance companies will likely be represented by attorneys. Opposing parties and insurance companies have one common goal and that is to minimize their payout to you and protect their profits. Partnering with your own Uber accident attorneys is the best way to level the playing field and protect your rights. They will help maximize the value of your claim. 

Consult Experienced Uber Accident Attorneys Today

If you were involved in an accident with an Uber driver and suffered serious personal injury, you should partner with Uber accident attorneys immediately. If insurance companies are offering you a quick payout, then you likely have a strong personal injury claim. You should consult an attorney who specializes in Uber accidents before making any statements to insurance companies or otherwise. When someone pays for a ride with an Uber driver, that passenger and every other commuter on the road has a right to safety. When those rights are violated, and personal injuries occur, you should always call experienced Uber accident attorneys.