How to Save Money on Your Air Con: 3 Easy Tips

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As the dog days of summer roll upon us, the biggest energy bill in the house seems to come from the electricity bill! While it might seem like you have a fiendish choice between beating the heat and beating your wallet to death with the bills, you can actually keep both your house and your wallet cool with these tips and tricks to save money on your air conditioner!


Here’s what you need to know in order to keep your air cool and the green in your wallet!

  1. Invest In A Smart Thermostat

Did you know that your AC will often run much harder than it needs to? As you constantly change your thermostat and the ambient temperature in the room rises and falls through you and your family living your normal day to day lives, the air conditioner will often kick on to reach your target temperature. Even if only a few degrees have changed.


Additionally, your air conditioner will continue to run even if you are out of the house, further driving up your energy bills. One of the best ways to circumvent this is to invest in a smart thermostat, which you can control with your phone.


You can set the temperature to be higher or even turn the air conditioning off when you aren’t around so the air conditioning doesn’t go off as often, and smart thermostats are smart enough to get to your target temperature without running the air conditioner every few minutes.

2. Get Any Problems Investigated and Repaired Quickly

One of the most expensive things that you will have to deal with is getting your air conditioner replaced after it totally breaks down. But what if that massive and expensive breakdown didn’t need to be so expensive and disruptive? Often the cause of big air conditioner breakdowns are small problems that went unnoticed for too long. 


So if you hear a strange noise whenever you run the AC unit, smell smoke or a burning smell, or the AC unit takes longer to get kicked on and going, you need to call for air conditioning repair in the Memphis area, and make sure that you get any problems checked out. Even if the problem turns out to be nothing, checking it yourself or having a repairman look for you can save you a lot of time, money, and worry.


And if the problem does turn out to be something, then you can get it fixed before it destroys your whole AC unit.

3. Focus On Your Filters

One of the biggest reasons that air conditioning bills go up so high is because the machine has to work harder than it needs to. This results in parts getting worn down, and the unit constantly kicking on as it tries to regain the target temperature. One of the ways you can prevent this from happening is to look at the filters of your air conditioning unit. 


The filters trap dust and other irritants to keep them from getting in the air, but if the filter gets too clogged, then the air flow is completely blocked and the AC unit has to work harder to get to the temperature you have set. So don’t be afraid to clean and change the filters on a regular basis.

It’s Easy To Save Money On Your Air Con!

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to save money on your air conditioning, and if you follow these tips you will see your electricity bill start to shrink for sure!