Tips to Help Move Your Elderly Parents Into a New Home

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When our parents start to age, there is a high chance of them willing to move into a new home. This could be due to declining health, the death of a partner, or just because the current home is too big for their needs. Moving elderly citizens into a new home is easier said than done, and it can become a very emotional process. If you are keen on helping your parents move into a new home, here are the top tips to make the process easier and smoother. 


Understand their decision


The first and foremost thing to do is to understand and support their decision. As we age, our bodies go through many changes, and we start to face health problems. It is common for many seniors to have difficulty walking around or looking after themselves. When your parents are living alone, they might not be able to keep up with the home maintenance, or they’re not able to cook meals for themselves. That said, many also have trouble socializing. When you move your parents into a new home, it will provide them with the necessary assistance that they require to live comfortably and safely.


Preparing them for the move  


In case your parents are moving into a smaller home, they will have to downsize their belongings, and it is not an easy process, physically and emotionally. But there are ways to do this:


  • Go through the belongings of your parents with them and help them decide what to keep and what to let go of.  
  • Create a packing schedule and stick to it so that you can stay on track without feeling overwhelmed. You can start with one room at a time and begin with the least used room first. It will ensure that the process is less overwhelming for you and your parents. 
  • Organize a garage sale or consider donating items to charity. It will help declutter the home and also make a little money. 
  • Help your parents pack up their belongings by packing boxes, wrapping the fragile items, and labeling the boxes. Put the contents and destination room on the label so that unpacking it will become easier. 
  • The experts at JIT Moving, one of the top Phoenix movers state, “You also need to make sure you have a plan for where all their stuff will go into the new home. A lot of people get excited with the idea of moving but do not have a plan on how to unpack once they’ve moved.” If you have a plan in place, it will reduce a lot of stress and panic on a moving day. 
  • Pack the essentials like toiletries, medication, and bedding at last so that they are easily available on moving day. 
  • The best dentist in Staten Island NY also adds that it’s best to check out the new location to find establishments near their new home such as clinics and markets.


Handling the emotions 


Moving can be difficult for anyone, but it is more difficult for seniors who are leaving their familiar surroundings and faces. You need to ensure that you handle their emotions well. Try to acknowledge their feelings and validate them. Understand that they are feeling sad, and it is okay to feel such emotions. Try your best to encourage positive thinking and remind them of the things that await them in the new home. Most importantly, keep communication open throughout the entire process so that they know what is going on. 

It helps to work with professional movers when you are moving your parents. It will ensure that everything is properly packed and moved and the entire process is smooth and stress-free. Get quotes from different companies and compare the prices. Speak to the professionals about their experience of moving seniors and read their reviews before you make a decision.


Make the new home senior-friendly 


After you have found the perfect home for your parents, you need to ensure that it is senior-friendly. It means ensuring that the home does not have steps or stairs, the bathroom is quickly accessible and the living room and kitchen are large enough for them to move freely. While you help them settle into the new home, it is equally important to help them get used to the new surroundings. You can help them unpack and set them up with the appliances while also introducing them to the new neighbors. 


Remember to check in on them regularly in the first few weeks after the move. Start preparing well ahead of time so that the move is smooth and comfortable for them. This will also help them adapt to the new surroundings and get used to their new home. Most importantly, be patient and understand that this is not an easy move for them. Give them time and let them adapt to the new surroundings at their own pace and without any stress.