New Cookbook Released

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I know it is a little confusing – why am I holding a cookbook with the guy from The Office on it. Well let me tell you the story.

First off I have always been a huge fan of The Office – I have watched it about 4 – 5 all the way through. Do you remember the opening scene of Kevin carrying a HUGE pot of chili and it falls everywhere on the floor? I loved that scene so much – I laughed till I cried and had to show it to Eric right away.

Well a while ago a publisher contacted me and said the actor that played Kevin – Brian Baumgartner was writing a chili cookbook ( chili is a passion of his) and wondered if I would be part. I have to say it is one of the coolest things I have ever done. Brian was even nice enough to sign a copy of the finished cookbook before I received it in the mail.

In all I have 4 recipes in the cookbook. This cookbook is everywhere – I actually found it at our local Barnes and Noble and Amazon of course!

Pretty cool announcement right ?! I am part of a new cookbook with an actor from my favorite show!

NOW we have a bigger announcement coming August 3rd!!!! 

I will be posting tomorrow the giveaway entry post with a hint photo!!! 

Now the giveaway winner for this announcement – $50 Amazon gift card goes to Mncrum…[email protected]

If this is you please email me at [email protected] to claim your prize.