Balancing Motherhood and Content Moderation: Insights from Moms

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Content moderation plays a crucial role in maintaining the digital landscapes we take so for granted – from social media platforms to online forums. Behind the scenes, dedicated employees work tirelessly in their content moderator jobs to ensure that these online spaces remain safe for the rest of us, and especially for our children. However, one often overlooked aspect of this demanding job is the delicate balance moms working as content moderators must strike between their role as mother and their daily responsibilities in this critical, and very often stressful, profession.

In this article, we teamed up with experts from job aggregator Jooble, to take a closer look at the challenges and insights of how moms balance motherhood with their jobs as content moderators.


The Secret World of Content Moderators

Professional content moderators carry the heavy burden of tirelessly working behind the scenes to keep our online spaces safe and respectful. If we wanted to romanticize their roles, we would think of them as the guardians of the digital galaxy. Their mission: to sift through the vast ocean of online content – often dross – ensuring that the online community adheres to set guidelines, and that the digital universe remains free from harmful, hateful, or otherwise inappropriate material. 

Why is this necessary? The internet is a vast frontier, filled with diverse voices. The job of the content moderator is to inhabit this universe, meticulously reviewing text, images, videos, and comments posted on websites, social media, forums, and other interactive platforms. They are vital to the digital ecosystem, helping to create safe online spaces where users can share ideas, connect, and interact without fear. 

The work of the content moderator is multifaceted: 

  • They enforce community guidelines and policies, ensuring that content aligns with the platform’s rules, legal regulations, and ethical standards.
  • They filter out harmful content, including hate speech, violence, graphic content, and sexually explicit material, and remove offensive, abusive, or bullying content.
  • They mitigate misinformation and fake news by identifying and flagging inaccurate or deceptive content.

Their job is certainly far from easy. Constantly reviewing disturbing and distressing content can take a significant mental and emotional toll, and continuous exposure to graphic or violent material often leads to emotional burnout. 

On the plus side, content moderator moms often find solace in the support of their families, who understand the difficult nature of their work.

Feedback from Content Moderator Moms

Here are some insights from content moderator moms who have shared their experiences with us:

Laura, a mother of two: “My job as a content moderator has made me more vigilant about my children’s online activities, and I ensure that my kids are well-informed about it.”

Sarah, a single mother with three teenagers: “While working in this type of job can be emotionally upsetting at times, my children know when I’ve had a particularly bad day and they help me cope by doing thoughtful little things to lift my spirits. They constantly make me realise the importance of family support for any working mom.”

Julie, a mother of two: “I’ve learnt the importance of leaving work behind mentally when I am at home. I compartmentalise things. When I’m with my family, I switch off from work completely.

Rebecca, a part-time content moderator: “I appreciate the flexibility of my job. I work from home so I can work the hours that suit me. This allows me to be present for my children during crucial moments while also contributing to our family income.”

Support for Content Moderator Moms

Content moderation companies are increasingly recognizing the unique challenges that mothers face and frequently implement supportive measures:

  • Providing access to mental health resources and counselling to help content moderators cope with the emotional toll of their work.
  • Offering flexible schedules, part-time options, and remote work opportunities, enabling moms to fulfil their family commitments.
  • Creating spaces where content moderator moms can connect, share experiences, and offer each other support and advice.

Final Thoughts

Balancing motherhood and content moderation can be hugely mentally and emotionally draining, especially over time. It’s crucial that we recognize, appreciate, and support these incredible guardians of the online galaxy, ultimately making the online universe a better place for us all.


Content moderators play a crucial role in ensuring that our online spaces remain safe and respectful. In this article, we take a closer look at the challenges and insights of how moms balance motherhood with their jobs as content moderators.