9 Ways to Fit Exercise Into Your Busy Schedule

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Twenty-four hours a day sure doesn’t seem like enough time to complete everything on your to-do list. There are always some house chores that must be completed; besides, you need to meet with family and friends, and spare time for your children if you happen to have them. Of course, you must get to work and still run some quick personal or official errands. Heck, that sounds like a whole lot of things to get to. 


In between all that, the first thing that you’re likely to consider scrapping out is your workout routine. There’s just not enough time. However, you should seriously reconsider. No matter how busy you might seem, pockets of time spent working out will definitely add up to your benefit. 


You’re too busy? Doesn’t seem like you can manage bits and pieces of workouts in your daily routine? Here are a few ways to work out no matter how busy you are.

 Start your day earlier

This might seem difficult but it’s worth a try. Try getting up an hour earlier and take a brisk walk, jog, or do some yoga at that time. This will help you cross it off your list, first thing in the morning. Meanwhile, it’ll be easier for you to burn off some calories during the course of the day once you’ve gotten off to an early start.  Doing this is one of the best mood boosters you can give yourself at zero cost.

Set a goal

It’s easier to exercise on a busy day when you have specific goals for weight loss or even fitness. The goals will keep you well motivated and help you properly infuse exercise into your busy everyday schedule. This way, you can include specific, non-negotiable time for exercise in your daily to-do list.

Add it to your to-do list for each day

It’s simple. Really. As you make a list of things you must complete each day, fit in time for daily exercise. Fifteen to thirty minutes, five times a week, should do the trick. The beautiful thing about adding it to your to-do list is that it tasks your mind to prioritize it. First, you’re more likely to exercise when you have it penned down as a must-do. It’s too easy to decide to exercise in your head but the real deal is actually doing it. 


Allocate some non-negotiable time to exercise

As you include it in your to-do list for the day, be specific about the amount of time you’ll spend getting that fitness in. You tell yourself that no matter how your body feels, you will exercise. You put in the effort to allocate time to exercising and your mind automatically is geared up to exercise. Your body doesn’t have a choice but to follow suit.

Subscribe to a nearby gym

You don’t have enough time between work and getting home to make time for exercise? It’s a whole lot more encouraging to think that your gym is about a minute’s walk from your apartment, five minutes at most. It doesn’t have to be just the gym near your apartment. You should also consider a gym near your workplace. 


You can make the best use of those short breaks or long calls to get in some exercise. Subscribe to a nearby gym, walk down, and get on the treadmill for a fast walk in a matter of seconds. With Leadar, you can find out the addresses of gym instructors nearest to you. You’ll save that time you’d have spent getting to a gym that’s farther that makes you consider scrapping fitness time. You can even get a locker to keep your exercise clothes in. Isn’t that beautiful?

Be an active watcher

If you’re someone who enjoys watching TV shows, you can still infuse some exercise into that TV time. Don’t be scared, you’ll still watch all those interesting episodes. You can sit on a yoga ball, for example. This will help you exercise your core and improve your posture. As you work on maintaining balance, you’ll be getting some exercise time in. 


If you’re not a fan of a yoga ball, you can keep some light workout equipment by your side. Swinging your arms during commercial breaks or getting some squats in is definitely not a bad idea. The five-minute break in between each of your favorite episodes can get you a solid 15-minute workout or more.

   Make it a date

Get a partner to spice things up. And what better way to exercise than doing it with a loved one? It may just be friends or colleagues from your workplace, maybe even a neighbor. Whatever the case, a date to exercise is definitely a fun way to achieve those fitness goals no matter how busy the schedule.

Exercise your commute

Another way you might want to consider is turning your commute to an exercise route. Instead of taking a bus or driving to work all the time, try jogging or running to work. If the distance is too far for you to manage, you can take the bus and alight some stops before your exact stop. Then go for a quick run the rest of the way. 


Or, if you must drive to work, try parking your ride a little distance away from the door. You’ll get the chance to have a brisk walk just before you sit in the office. 


This does not only apply to workplaces. You can also jog to the library, take a brisk walk to a meeting, jog to meet up with family and friends, etc. 


Of course, you may not be able to jog or run all the way to work the first time. However, with time, you’ll get better and be able to run all the way to wherever and then some more.

Have a standing work table

You have the option of standing at work. With a tall desk that requires you to stand, you can take the chance of being on your feet at intervals and maybe get some squats or stretches in between too.


No matter how busy your schedule is, there’s definitely a way to incorporate some exercise time into it. From jogging to work, exercising first thing in the morning, having an accountability partner to setting goals, the list is never-ending. You can as well decide to get in some exercise at the train stop while you’re waiting for the bus or standing in line at the grocery store. You don’t have to do an entire 30-minute stretch at once. You can split it into five or ten-minute stretches. It eventually adds up.