PLANTERS Brand Go Nuts Instant Win Game (6,122 Winners)

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PLANTERS Brand Go Nuts Instant Win Game

Enter by December 31, 2023. Good Luck!

Instant Win Game: Six thousand one hundred twenty-two (6,122) random, computer- generated winning times, one for each prize listed below, will be generated during the Promotion Period.

Instant Win Game Prizes Include:
(47) MR. PEANUT® Brand Holiday Lights Sweater $33.63
(207) MR. PEANUT® Brand Holiday Dancing Sweater or Nuttiest Time of the Year Sweater $28.91
(368) MR. PEANUT® Brand Snowman Kit $20.00
(3,000) MR. PEANUT® Brand Ornament $10.00
(2,500) PLANTERS® Brand Coupon $3.99